Legal Ethics and Bank Failures

Amid distressing news of bank failures, inflation and economic uncertainty, lawyers have growing questions about the scope of their ethical duty to safeguard client funds. The North Carolina State Bar is providing some answers.  The State Bar has a new FAQ page on its website. It went up after the bar re… Read More +

When Does a Demand Letter Cross the Line?

After obtaining a $20.7 million class-action verdict from Kimberly-Clark[i] and making over a hundred appearances on various television talk shows[ii], attorney Michael Avenatti’s once-rising star plummeted. While facing allegations of domestic violence and charges for tax evasion, wire fraud, and identity theft, Avenatti decided to leverage “the power of his platform” to extort Nike by demanding money in exchange for silence on the company’s allegedly illegal practices.[iii]  This scheme eventually landed Avenatti in jail for 30 months.    Read More +