When a claim is reported to Lawyers Mutual, one of our top priorities is to determine if the error can be corrected or the damage lessened. We call this our Claims Repair program.

Our Claims Repair program is led by an experienced team of in-house claims attorneys and outside counsel. Each day, these seasoned professionals work side-by-side with our insured attorneys in Claims Repair efforts large and small. The results are often amazing. Sometimes, claims can be fully repaired. Other times, the dollar amount of the loss can be greatly reduced.

When you make a claim, our repair team will quickly assess the situation and develop an appropriate strategy. You remain a vital part of the process. Your knowledge of the client, the circumstances surrounding your representation, and the substantive area of law will help us find the right solution.

A key, of course is timely reporting. The sooner we know about a problem, the sooner we can go to work trying to fix it.

This information was prepared as a reference for you. Lawyers Mutual does not imply through this information that coverage will be provided for a specific situation or activity. Please refer to your policy or call our office if you have questions about claims or coverage under your Lawyers Mutual policy.