Annual Report 2022

We are pleased to present our 2022 annual report. Despite the chaotic equity markets in 2022 and inflationary challenges, we enjoyed a strong financial year, further enhancing our already strong capital position. We have also undertaken numerous efforts to add policyholder value including new law practice management resources and capabilities. Thank you, our insureds, for allowing us to serve you. You are our precious resource.   Read More

Annual Report 2021

Meeting the Moment. Life is lived in the moments. The last two years were full of moments none of us had ever imagined, much less experienced. But Lawyers Mutual was ready. We were born 45 years ago in a different sort of crisis. We knew what needed to be done. Together with our insureds, our families and our communities, we met the moment and emerged even stronger. See the Lawyers Mutual 2021 Annual Report.   Read More

Annual Report 2020

Community is the thread that connects Lawyers Mutual’s past, present and future. We were created in 1977 by a community of North Carolina lawyers with a shared vision. Since then, our unwavering commitment to that community has shaped and defined us. In the process, we’ve learned a bit about weathering tough times. We were founded, after all, in the midst of an insurance crisis. Every day, we stand by our insureds when trouble strikes. In 2020 – when we all were tested as never before – we emerged even more resilient, innovative and dedicated to serving our community. Read More

Annual Report 2019

A mission to help.  People who care.  Protection that Counts. Our values. Murals, like lawyers and firms, are a collection of diverse, creative images and styles. They showcase the collaborative spirit and heart of our state. They represent our heritage and our future. For LM, murals celebrate the growth and sustainability of North Carolina communities. Read More

Annual Report 2018

Lawyers Mutual is still going strong after more than 40 years in business.We owe this success to our people, and the relationships they build. One of the greatest benefits of being a mutual insurance company is that we share financial success with our policyholders. Our goal is not only to continue paying dividends, but to increase them. Read More

Annual Report 2017

Since day one, we've been leaders and innovators. Founded by North Carolina lawyers. Staffed by North Carolina lawyers. A 40-year commitment to excellence. Read More

Annual Report 2016

As the practice of law is changing, we are responding — collaborating with innovators in the profession to provide our insureds with valuable tools. We continue to ask, what will the practice of law look like in 5, 10, or 20 years? We care about the Lasting Legacy of Lawyers Mutual and we are proud to be … Read More

Annual Report 2015

We have a solid foundation and roots to the past; a rich history serving our community of lawyers. But we are also thinking forward, and reaching into the future.  As the practice of law is changing, we are responding — partnering with innovators in the profession to provide our insureds with v… Read More

Annual Report 2014

We invite you to take a look back at 2014. At Lawyers Mutual, we listen, collaborate and develop individual solutions for our insureds. You will see these themes repeated throughout this annual report. People, relationships and community are the heart of Lawyers Mutual. Read More

Annual Report 2013

How do our insureds benefit from the Lawyers Mutual community? Our annual report video shares stories of an employee, a Board member and a Community Board member. Through their testimony, you will see they believe participating in the community makes them better lawyers and better people. Read More