The First Rule of Getting Out of Holes: Reducing Attorney and Staff Turnover

When you find yourself in a hole and you want to get out, as the saying goes, the first rule is to stop digging.   Nowhere is this more true than in digging out of an altogether too common hole among law firms today: reducing attorney and staff turnover. Employee turnover is expensive, disruptive to workflow, frustrating to clients and damaging to team morale. Not to mention soul-sucking when you have to sit through hour after hour of terrible interviews seeking gamely to replace the person who just left with someone – you are getting the sinking feeling – who won’t be quite as good.   Read More +

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Divorce Law is Getting Grayer

If you practice family law, you might have noticed your clientele is becoming grayer. That’s because the divorce rate for seniors has reached an all-time high, and the consequences are rippling through healthcare, housing and divorce court. More than one-third of people who file for divorce are 50 or ol… Read More +

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How to Start a Law Firm When You're Broke by Lauren Eagan

While it can seem overwhelming when you do it right starting your own firm can give you flexibility, financial independence, and a thriving career. Following the path of an attorney who achieved her goal of setting up her own successful practice, this book walks you through every step of starting a law firm -- the right way, and without breaking the bank. Includes sample forms, checklists, and a business plan. Read More +

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Put Into Practice, June 2023

Articles including The Lawyer Who Loved Hot Pockets by Jay Reeves; Meditation and What It Is and What Are the Benefits by Will Graebe, as well as North Carolina and LM Updates.  Read More +

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