Confessions of a JD Neat Freak

I must confess to being a bit of a neat freak about my home and workspace. I believe the benefits of orderliness – knowing where things are, not wasting hours looking for what you need, having a comfortable landing pad after another hard day on planet earth – outweigh the modest cost in time and ef… Read More +

Recovering from Mistakes

There exists in the legal profession an unrealistic expectation of perfection. I say unrealistic because I have not yet met a lawyer who has not made a mistake at some point in his or her career. The best lawyers make mistakes. If you practice long enough, you will make a mistake. This does not mean that you ar… Read More +

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Top 9 Google Domain Rank Factors

 We read all the time about the feared, reviled and much-coveted Google search algorithm and its secret ingredients.  But did you know Google uses 200 different ranking factors in coming up with its search criteria? This expert’s online roundup of Google’s 200 search factors is required … Read More +

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How to Start a Law Firm When You're Broke by Lauren Eagan

While it can seem overwhelming when you do it right starting your own firm can give you flexibility, financial independence, and a thriving career. Following the path of an attorney who achieved her goal of setting up her own successful practice, this book walks you through every step of starting a law firm -- the right way, and without breaking the bank. Includes sample forms, checklists, and a business plan. Read More +

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Lawyers Mutual Put into Practice, February 2023

How to Be a Silver Platter Lawyer, by Jay Reeves; When Does a Demand Letter Cross the Line, by Joshua Walthall; Tech Tips for eFiling in North Carolina, by Catherine Reach; LPM Spotlight Preparing for An Economic Downturn Part 3, by Erik Mazzone; and more!     Read More +

Lawyers Mutual Put into Practice, January 2023

Make 2023 the Year of Managed Expectations by Jay Reeves; Own Your Mistakes But Don't Fall on Your Sword by Will Graebe, Our Legal Deserts by Valerie Johnson, Preparing for an Economic Downturn Part 2: Protecting Cash Flow and Client Base by Erik Mazzone, and more!    … Read More +

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