Leaning Into Change: Career Pivots to Meet Your Evolving Strengths and Interests

I have never been a big celebrator of my own birthdays. It is just another day of the year—another trip around the sun. I suppose that when I turned 16, it seemed like a big deal. I was able to drive. It gave me a new sense of freedom. Since then, I have not given much attention to turning a certain age. That changed this past year when I turned 60. There was something different about 60. I don’t think I can describe myself as middle-aged anymore. I might even qualify for free or discounted coffee at some restaurants. I can legitimately wear a shirt that says, “Old Guys Rule.”   Read More +

Steps for Effective Hiring

Hire slow, fire fast. If you read any of the voluminous advice published on hiring, this old bromide is very likely to be the first thing you come across. It’s pretty good advice, if a bit limited. Hiring a person for a law firm is like buying a house: it’s expensive and long-reaching decision that deeply affects your (work) life, and one that is too often made with a process that is ill-defined, rushed and lacking clear markers for success. Read More +

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Statutory Changes to the Time Period for Making a Claim for the Year’s Allowance for Surviving Spouses in Decedent’s Estates

North Carolina allows a surviving spouse to petition for a year’s allowance in the amount of $60,000. This allowance is paid out of the personal property in the estate and is intended to provide a means of support for a surviving spouse during an estate administration. Under the existing statutory framewo… Read More +

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How to Start a Law Firm When You're Broke by Lauren Eagan

While it can seem overwhelming when you do it right starting your own firm can give you flexibility, financial independence, and a thriving career. Following the path of an attorney who achieved her goal of setting up her own successful practice, this book walks you through every step of starting a law firm -- the right way, and without breaking the bank. Includes sample forms, checklists, and a business plan. Read More +

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The Corporate Transparency Act: What North Carolina Law Firms Need to Know

Lawyers Mutual has published previous alerts regarding the new filing requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) that went into effect January 1, 2024. After reviewing additional resources, we want to emphasize concerns that we have about the risks and increased potential liability for lawyers undertaking the reporting requirements. This is especially true for the continuing reporting requirements after entity formation and initial reporting.   Read More +

eCourts Expansion Announced for 2024

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) recently announced additional go-live plans for counties transitioning from paper files to Enterprise Justice (Odyssey), which currently serves Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Mecklenburg and Wake counties. Twelve northeastern counties comprising Track 3, as previously announced, will go live on February 5, and 10 counties comprising Track 4 (Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Guilford, Orange, Person, Vance and Warren) will go live on April 29.    Read More +

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Put Into Practice, January 2024

A Tribute to Jay Reeves by Will Graebe; What Do the South Carolina Murdaugh Murders Have to Do with Your Trust Account? by Kathy Pope; Law Practice Management Section - To Buy Or Not To Buy? - by Erik Mazzone; and North Carolina and LML News.   Read More +

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