Your Lawyers Mutual policy is a "Professional Liability Claims-Made Policy." This means that only those claims that are actually reported to Lawyers Mutual during the one-year policy period will be eligible for coverage, regardless of when the mistake occurred.

Accordingly, you should report a claim or a incident to Lawyers Mutual as early as possible, for two reasons:

First, late reporting may result in a lack of coverage under your policy. When in doubt, report.

Second, incidents that are reported early can frequently be repaired. Our Claims Repair program has an excellent track record of remedying mistakes and mitigating damages. Report promptly – and put our Claims Repair team to work for you.

This information was prepared as a reference for you. Lawyers Mutual does not imply through this information that coverage will be provided for a specific situation or activity. Please refer to your policy or call our office if you have questions about claims or coverage under your Lawyers Mutual policy.