At Lawyers Mutual, malpractice coverage is about much more than coverage limits, deductibles, policy language and premiums. Our reputation and strength has been built on the value and service we have provided to North Carolina lawyers for over 40 years, a record no other company can touch. And today, we provide more value than ever.

Lawyers don't buy malpractice coverage in order to report to the North Carolina State Bar that they have coverage. You buy it because you want expert assistance when you have a claim. The ABA reports the average lawyer will have two malpractice claims in their career, and there is a 1 in 6 chance of having a claim in any given year. Half of Lawyers Mutual's claims dollars are spent defending claims. Our expertise at protecting lawyers is our real service, with our excellent financial strength and claims paying ability backing us up.

Professional liability insurance uses a 'claims-made' policy, unlike an 'occurrence' auto policy. Our policy protects you against any claim made in the policy year that arises out of a mistake that occurred since the retroactive date of your policy. So you may make a mistake now, but it may not be discovered and reported until much later. This has important implications for the quality of your protection.

Most of our policyholders have been covered by Lawyers Mutual their entire career. This makes it simple if a valid claim is reported and not barred by the statute of limitations or repose, then it will be covered.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for additional questions about claims, claims repair and reporting a claim.