Diversity Equity & Inclusion Strategies for Law Firm Management

Working in a small to mid-sized firm doesn't mean you can't have a meaningful diversity program. While it takes preparation and persistence in a culture willing to make a change, it doesn't require a large budget either. In this program we will review a broader definition of diversity, scan the numbers of the legal profession, discuss the need, benefits and challenges, share best practices, and identify the important next steps. Join us for a productive discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion so your law firm can take action! Read More +

A Primer on Fees, Billing and Collections

As challenges related to COVID-19 continue to emerge, we need to better understand the financial problems our law firms face in order to overcome them. Join us for a discussion on three primary areas of firm finances: setting fees/pricing, billing, and collections. Read More +

Recognizing and Managing Implicit Bias

This interactive workshop via Zoom is designed for individuals to explore and manage their own blind spots in their relationship with others. This scope includes individual relationships, teamwork, productivity, market knowledge, community relationships, customer service, and competitiveness. Read More +