A Lasting Legacy

The year 2017 was a milestone for Lawyers Mutual, as we celebrated our 40th anniversary. When we started in 1977, we were the first insurance company of our kind in the country. Since then, we’ve been the only one to provide continuous protection for North Carolina lawyers—year in and year out. That’s a legacy we’re proud of.

A Bold Future

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We keep finding new ways to serve North Carolina lawyers, their families and their clients. “Lawyers Helping Lawyers” is not just a nice phrase. It’s our mission.

Since day one, we’ve been LEADERS and INNOVATORS. Founded by North Carolina lawyers. Staffed by North Carolina lawyers. A 40-year commitment to excellence.

Leading the way, every day. Our Underwriting Department is the front line of defense. Led by a licensed attorney who has been there and done that.

Innovation is a hallmark of underwriting. From solos to large firms. We work with each insured to tailor coverage that’s perfect for them.

We work as a team with North Carolina attorneys to understand their practice and respond to their needs.

Renée RiggsbeeVice President, Underwriting

Our claims lawyers have worked in private practice. They know what lawyers do during the day—and what keeps them up at night. They are Leaders in the field of law.

When claims occur, our groundbreaking Claims Repair program can fix errors and minimize damages. But we don’t just wait for problems to arise. We monitor emerging risks—like cyber liability—and alert our insureds on ways to protect themselves.

Cyber attacks can be devastating to a law firm including the direct financial impact, and the reputational damage, for which there may be no easy fix.

Troy CrawfordClaims Counsel

Cyber Stats

22% of law firms experienced a cyberattack or data breach in 2017—up from 14% from 2016.

11% of law firms had to notify their clients of a data breach in 2017.

17% of law firms have reported an incident to law enforcement.

Firms experiencing security breaches by size

Law firms are a prime target for cyber attacks, so it's important to be proactive in your efforts to minimize your risk.

Kelly GoldLawyers Insurance Agency - Specialty Insurance

Our Client Services Department—which offers free CLE, a lending library and other risk management resources—has become a national model.

While collaborative toolkits and checklists are valuable—what’s even more valuable are the relationships we create.

From law schools to law firms, our relationships with legal professionals is the legacy and innovation of Lawyers Mutual.

Camille StellVice President, Client Services

Over the course of four decades, we’ve worked hard to build a solid financial base. That brings stability in a volatile market—and peace of mind for our insureds.

Our secure financial footing allowed us to return a policyholder dividend in 2017. When our insureds do well, we do well. We’re in this together.

All at Lawyers Mutual are working hard to ensure the company's financial future remains strong.

Robert A. NealVice President - Finance, Treasurer and CFO

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Thank you to the following individuals for their help and perspectives:

Robert A. Neal
Vice President, Finance, Treasurer & CFO
Renée Riggsbee
Vice President, Underwriting
Camille Stell
Vice President, Client Services
Laura M. Loyek
Claims Counsel
Troy Crawford
Claims Counsel
Mark Scruggs
Claims Counsel
Kathy Fisher
Claire Modlin
Adam Pierce
Lawyers Insurance
Kelly Gold
Lawyers Insurance
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Owner, Your Law Life
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Project Manager