Annual Report 2010

Each year, we provide you with an update on how your company is doing. Over the past two years, we have communicated with you through electronic newsletters, alerts, our website and social media. Lawyers Mutual is your company and our mission is to meet your needs. Read More

Annual Report 2009

While we have been a stable force over this period of time, much around us has changed. Further, since we are a mutual company, once we return to profitability, any dividends that we distribute will be paid to our policyholders. Unlike commercial carriers who cater to Wall Street and shareholders, our obligation runs to you – our policyholders. Read More

Annual Report 2008

In the past, Lawyers Mutual, with your help, experienced record gains, but we were always aware that market cycles change, and they have. Thankfully, as a result of good stewardship and conservative investing and planning for future years, Lawyers Mutual is well prepared for these more difficult times. Read More

Annual Report 2007

Lawyers Mutual was formed in 1977 by a dedicated group of North Carolina attorneys who saw an opportunity to live up to the higher standards to which every lawyer should aspire through service to others. That spirit of service and dedication continues today in the work that we, as individuals and as a company, do for our statewide community of citizens and lawyers. Read More