Founded 40 years ago with a Mission:

Lawyers helping Lawyers.

Our motto is Here Today, Here Tomorrow.

A Lasting Legacy

We were founded 40 years ago with a simple mission: Lawyers Helping Lawyers. We have been doing that ever since. Now we are moving forward by remembering yesterday and building for tomorrow.

We're not selling insurance, we're selling relationships... We're there for you. You call on us and we'll take care of you.
John Q. BeardFounding Member and Past President

For the policy year of 2016,

Lawyers Mutual declared a dividend of


Which will total nearly

1 million

With this dividend, we will have returned nearly $6 million to policyholders over the past five years.

Gray WilsonChairman of the Board of Directors

The cloud especially is something that firms can take advantage of that is probably more safe and secure than what's sitting in their office right now.

Pegeen TurnerFounder and Owner of Legal Cloud Technology

Technology with law firms should be the way that the small law firm can compete.

Tom BoyleFounder and Owner of TrustBooks

First of its Kind

Founded in 1977, Lawyers Mutual has been providing continuous professional liability coverage to North Carolina lawyers for 40 years.

As a profession we went into this work with the goal of trying to help people.

Sylvia NovinskyNC Pro Bono Resource Center

We're prepared to respond to challenges facing law firms with a claims handling program that's unmatched in the industry.

Will GraebeVice President, Claims

Claims by Area of Practice

Reported Claims By Year

Lawyers Mutual Building

About Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance Company of North Carolina

Lawyers Mutual, founded in 1977, is among the first lawyers mutual insurance companies in the country and has provided continuous professional liability coverage to North Carolina lawyers for 40 years. Its reputation for leadership, professionalism and commitment to its attorneys sets the standard for other legal malpractice insurance providers.

We Are

Looking Forward

A New Era

We are now moving forward — remembering yesterday and building for tomorrow. While staying true to our values, we are on the forefront of new technologies and practices, and their impact on the legal profession.

We've focused on maintaining a strong financial position so we will always be here for lawyers in the future.
Glen HardymonFounding Member and Past Chairman of the Board

Core Values

We will continue to support NC Lawyers for the next 40 years and beyond with our core values: integrity, empathy and transparency.

Your trust built this company, and we want to give back to you by helping lawyers prepare for their future.

Camille StellVice President, Client Services

Policyholder dividends are one of the significant benefits of being insured with a mutual insurance company. No other carrier has done as much for North Carolina attorneys as Lawyers Mutual.

Dan ZureichPresident and CEO

Cash & Invested Assets

We need to do a better job of knocking down barriers between law schools and other disciplines. Rapid technological advances affect lawyers, the clients we serve, and the communities in which we live. We have to embrace technology.
Jeff WardDirector of the Start-Up Ventures Clinic at Duke Law

The best part of what we do is when we get to interact with our policy holders directly.

Renee RiggsbeeVice President, Underwriting

I think there are many reasons why a lawyer might want to do pro-bono work... I think that it's the opportunity to feel connected to a local communitity, to invest in your local relationships.

Jared SmithNC Pro Bono Resource Center

Cyber Law

A new focus is cyber law. We are closely monitoring the implications of cyber threats and cyber law on our policyholders and claims department, and reacting in ways to help our insureds.


We would like to thank the following individuals for their help and perspectives:

John Q. Beard
Founding Member and Past President
Tom Boyle
Founder and Owner of TrustBooks
Will Graebe
Vice President, Claims
Glen Hardymon
Founding Member and Past President
Sylvia Novinsky
NC Pro Bono Resource Center
Renee Riggsbee
Vice President, Underwriting
Jared Smith
NC Pro Bono Resource Center
Camille Stell
Vice President, Client Services
Pegeen Turner
Founder and Owner of Legal Cloud Technology
Jeff Ward
Chair, Duke Law Technology & Access Working Group, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Start-Up Ventures Clinic at Duke Law
Gray Wilson
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dan Zureich
President and CEO