Community is the thread that connects Lawyers Mutual’s past, present and future. We were created in 1977 by a community of North Carolina lawyers with a shared vision. Since then, our unwavering commitment to that community has shaped and defined us. Going forward, our sense of community will sustain us.

In the process, we’ve learned a bit about weathering tough times. We were founded, after all, in the midst of an insurance crisis. Every day, we stand by our insureds when trouble strikes.

In 2020 – when we all were tested as never before – we emerged even more resilient, innovative and dedicated to serving our community.



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Dan Zureich, President and ceo

It is unfathomable that just over a year ago the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Within what seemed like a few short moments, the world shut down. Some things have not changed much since I wrote my last report – a year ago. However, so many more things have ...

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a message from our subsidiaries

lawyers insurance

As a young boy growing up in Ayden, NC, the idea of community was impressed deeply upon me. Each of the businesses and professionals were integral to our town’s common good and success.

lawyers mutual consulting & Services

2020 was a year like no other. Operating during a pandemic was initially a challenge, but since the consulting company was so new, it was timely to experiment with serving clients in new ways.

LM Title

In 2020, we experienced substantial growth during challenging times, maturing into a profitable agency and establishing an identity for providing great service and education.


Throughout history, the crane has symbolized hope, happiness, and prosperity. It is the world’s tallest flying bird but moves with near-magical grace. It is said that for every 1,000 origami cranes, one wish will come true.

As we look back on an unprecedented year – and look forward to an exciting future – we wish you great happiness and prosperity in the present.