Lawyers Insurance

2011 was another good year for Lawyers Insurance.  The NCBA Health Benefit Trust continued to perform very well financially, completing the year with a record surplus.  The Trust’s surplus has grown sufficiently that the trustees have authorized returning excess funds to plan members through decreased premiums.

On the regulatory front, Lawyers Insurance and the Health Benefit Trust received great news that the most onerous provisions of health reform (if it survives), will not apply to the Health Benefit Trust.  Specifically, the Health Benefit Trust will be able to continue to engage in sound rating and underwriting practices that would be prohibited to insurers under the new law.

A highlight of 2011 was the implementation of a ‘guaranteed issue’ disability offering to NC Bar Association members.  The program was highly successful and will continue in the future in a modified form.  Lawyers Insurance has been able to obtain the very best disability offerings for lawyers in the nation.

Lawyers Insurance provides outstanding service and products to North Carolina lawyers and is a significant contributor to Lawyers Mutual’s bottom line.

2014 dividend announcement

Lawyers Mutual is pleased to announce a dividend in the amount of $1,280,00 for policyholders.

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