Lawyers Mutual's Client Services Department is proud to offer a video lending library program designed to assist our policyholders in preventing malpractice. Participation in the lending program is free of charge to policyholders. All videos were professionally produced by the Wisconsin State Bar or the American Bar Association and apply the ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility.

Video Descriptions

Civil Litigation For Support Staff. (1993. 27 MIN.)

Provides staff with an introduction to civil litigation and to their role in the litigation process. Following a case involving a car-bicycle accident, you will see all aspects of the process, from the client interview to appeal.

Confidentiality And Technology Issues In The Law Office. (1998. 15 MIN.)

Explores confidentiality relating to new technology. Areas discussed include internal email, external email, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, computer law concerns, and other ethics concerns.

Dealing With Difficult Clients And Coworkers. (1997. 36 MIN.)

Provides four steps for better communication in the face of conflict, as well as providing insight as to what causes people to act the way they do. Staff will learn to deal with all sorts of people with whom they may come in contact.

Delivering Exceptional Service To Clients. (1992. 15 MIN.)

Explores the importance of client service and how your office can deliver it. Subjects include the elements of service clients value most, determining and meeting each client's needs, working as a team, and solving service problems.

Hot Topics In Real Estate. (2006. 57 MIN.)

Investors Title Insurance Company and Jim Pendergrass, Esq., cover issues such as improperly formed condominium transfers, common mistakes in a foreclosure practice, and misuse of the rerecording statute, NC Gen. Stat. § 47-36.1. From the 2006-2007 “Risk Management for the Real Estate Paralegal” seminar series. DVD.

Law Office Confidentiality, I And II. (1996. 22 MIN.)

Identifies common mistakes regarding disclosure of confidential information. Staff will learn not to discuss matters outside of the office, how to work with technology, how to handle written documents, and how to work with clients one-on-one.

Part I 10 min./Part II 12 min.

Legal Ethics for the Support Staff. (1993. 22 MIN.)

Dramatizes situations your staff may face and provides them with techniques to handle potential ethical problems. Topics include client confidentiality, trust accounts, not giving legal advice, and facilitating clear communications.

Professional Communications in Law Office: Telephone, Voicemail, and Beyond. (1997. 27 MIN.)

Teaches staff how to recognize and handle potential clients, how to handle upset callers, voicemail etiquette, practical tips for using email, and how new communications devices impact the law office.

Professionalism in the Law Office. (1996. 17 MIN.)

Helps create a professional staff that will maintain good client relations and that can keep the office running efficiently. Subjects include work product accuracy, personal appearance, dealing with clients, filing systems, and office responsibilities.

Real Estate Closing Traps. (2006. 64 MIN.)

Jim Pendergrass, Esq., presents a discussion of the most common closing traps and how they can be avoided. From the 2006-2007 “Risk Management for the Real Estate Paralegal” seminar series. DVD.

Real Estate Paralegals and the Rules of Professional Conduct. (2006. 57 MIN.)

Nichole McLaughlin, State Bar Ethics Counsel, presents an overview of the ethical duties lawyers and paralegals have when handling a real estate transaction. From the 2006-2007 “Risk Management for the Real Estate Paralegal” seminar series. DVD.

Starting Out Right: Ethical Issues in Forming the Client Relationships. (2000. 60 MIN.)

With a combination of vignettes of realistic situation in legal practice and lively discussion from the faculty this program is designed to alert you to the ethical issues you need to explore as you begin the client relationship.

Stress Management for Lawyers. (1990. 30 MIN.)

Shows you how to implement a personal stress management system. You'll learn the areas of practice that increase stress, physical reactions to stress, and how to limit stress at its source.

Successful Time Management Strategies for Legal Support Staff. (1996. 58 MIN.)

Shows your staff how to control their schedules in face of tight deadlines, large volumes of work, and conflicting priorities. Issues covered include accepting delegated work, setting priorities, controlling intentions, and managing large projects.

Working in the Law Office. (1996. 26 MIN.)

Introduces staff member to the law office and their role in the legal system. Subjects include attorney-client relationships, docketing and calendaring, filing and recording, conflicts checks, legal language, citations, and legal specialties.