President's Message

Dan Zureich  |  President & CEODear Loyal Policyholders:

I am pleased to once again be able to report a very successful year for Lawyers Mutual.  Amid very challenging economic and insurance market conditions, we were able to again deliver very strong financial results and again exceeded our financial targets.  As a result, we are pleased to once again share that success with you. During 2015, you will receive a dividend check equal to 10% of the final premium paid on your 2014 policy.  This is the fourth consecutive year in which we’ve declared and paid a dividend, and with this nearly $1.75 million dividend, will represent nearly $5 million to policyholders during that time. 

I’m a numbers person and could easily continue on about our financial results and capital strength, filling several pages with numbers, ratios, comparisons and analyses.  However, in the remainder of this letter I want to focus on Lawyers Mutual’s employees. 

If I were to describe our employees in a single word, it would be passionate.  Each and every one of us at Lawyers Mutual is passionate about providing the best possible service to our policyholders, however we can, whether it involves underwriting, claims, risk management, client services or accounting.  We do more than any of our competitors, and we do it better because we have but one focus, and that’s you, our policyholders. 

Quite simply, we are all passionate about what we do for you, our policyholders, and are focused on making a positive difference in your practice.  If you’ve spoken to someone at Lawyers Mutual, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.