People, Relationships, Community
         are at the heart of

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We invite you to take a look back at 2014.

At Lawyers Mutual, we listen, collaborate and develop individual solutions for our insureds. You will see these themes repeated throughout this annual report.

Dan Zureich, President, says, “Quite simply, we are all passionate about what we do for you, our policyholders, and we are focused on making a positive difference in your practice.”

Renee Riggsbee, head of Underwriting, says, "While we underwrite coverage for more than 7,800 attorneys, we are never too busy to take your telephone call or to respond to your email."

Will Graebe, head of Claims says, “Several factors work together to produce the success of Lawyers Mutual claims department” including early notice, knowledgeable staff and collaboration with our insureds.

William Stroud, President of Lawyers Insurance says, “We see the right solution for each need.”

Bob Neal, head of Finance, reports that the Company continues to approach the current business environment with conservatism while striving to provide our insureds with coverage at a good value.

Camille Stell, head of Client Services, reports on the value we are constantly seeking to provide to our members.

People, relationships and community are the heart of Lawyers Mutual.

We are here for our insureds, providing you with peace of mind to focus on your practice.