The Lawyer and the Love Sandwich   

This year for my birthday I gave myself the gift of hernia surgery. I cannot say it was the most fun gift ever, but still, I am grateful. Technically what I had was an Inguinal Hernia Repair – the awful name suggests the unpleasantness of the procedure – and I came away with not only a reinforced abdominal wall but also some valuable Law Lessons and the World’s Best BLT Sandwich. Here’s hoping this story will add a little brightness to Your Law Life too.   Read More +

How to Avoid the Tyranny of Choice

Here’s some free advice: if you want to make your clients happy, don’t give them too many choices. That may sound counterintuitive. After all, it’s their case. They’re the Ultimate Deciders. Your job is to supply the map, point out different routes to the destination, and let them choose. Read More +

De-coding the Medicare Alphabet

… what’s with all those commercials? You are forgiven if you feel teleported to the 1970s, what with the ubiquitous TV pitches by Jimmie ‘J.J.’ Walker and ‘Broadway’ Joe Namath for the Medicare Helpline. So what gives?  Well, its annual open enrollment time for what’s known as Medicare Part C.   Read More +

The Four Laws of Minnie Minoso

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re seeking a sweet role model for your Law Life, look no further than Minnie Minoso. Saturnino Orestes Armas Miñoso – better known by baseball fans as “Mr. White Sox” or “The Cuban Comet” or just Minnie – was not only a wonder on the ballfield. He was also a trailblazer ...   Read More +

The New Corporate Transparency Act and Its Potential Impact on North Carolina Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

The Corporate Transparency Act of 2019 (“CTA”)[1] was enacted January 1, 2021, as part of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (“AMLA”), which is part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (“NDAA”).[2] This article contains highlights[3] of the CTA, an outlook of regulations to come, and an alert to North Carolina attorneys of the potential impact with respect to a commercial real estate practice. Read More +

7 Tips for 2022 Strategic Planning

Heyden Enochson, strategic communications manager with OnStrategy, says that strategic planning as we have always done it is dead, especially in the age of hybrid work and the fatigue that many organizations face today. He even suggests calling it by a different name such as growth planning or future planning. This provides a fresh approach while staying true to the core components of being strategic.   Read More +

Instructions for an Astonishing Law Life

Here’s a tip for a terrific Law Life: make room for a little astonishment each day. You may find it’s easier said than done. Nothing surprises us anymore. We’ve seen and heard it all. We can stream any movie ever made, listen to any song ever recorded, google the answer to any question ever asked.   Read More +

Duty to Report: Don’t Be an Ostrich

We have all heard the saying, “Don’t bury your head in the sand.”  It was once believed that ostriches buried their heads in the sand to avoid predators. The theory was that ostriches were so simple-minded that they thought that, if they couldn’t see their predators, then their pred… Read More +

Ethics Review

2021 STATE BAR ETHICS OPINIONS The North Carolina State Bar adopted six new ethics opinions in 2021.  These opinions cover a range of topics, including issues that are a regular source of calls to Lawyers Mutual:   2019 FEO 4 – Communications with Judicial Officials (adopted July 2021) This r… Read More +