Common Litigation Errors: Missed Deadlines

Missed deadlines remain the number one source of claims at Lawyers Mutual. Although it appears missed deadlines would be an easy error to avoid, we see it all too frequently. Missed deadlines can include missed statutes of limitations, missed deadlines to obtain alias and pluries summons, missed discovery deadlines, and missed appellate deadlines. Having a good docketing and calendaring system, as well as a routine surrounding deadlines, can help avoid this all-too-common mistake.    Read More +

The Lawyer Who Stopped Chasing Squirrels

Over the years, I have represented lots of lawyers who had unsatisfying Law Lives because they were chasing after the wrong things.  This was not my judgment, mind you. This was by their own admission, though it often took them a while to realize it. For years – sometimes decades – they had been too busy waking up each morning, putting on their lawyer hat, and doing what they did the day before to indulge in career introspection. Besides, it seemed to be working. Their practices were thriving, their appointment calendars full, their in-box overflowing.   Read More +

Top 6 iOS 16 Features for Lawyers

If you are one of the many, many lawyers who has an iPhone tucked away in a pocket or bag, you have probably noticed by now that Apple released a new operating system for the iPhone, iOS 16. The updates with the new number (as opposed to the decimal additions like are the big ones. The ones where Apple packs in a lot of new features and injects your aging phone with a shot of new life.   Read More +

In Praise of Bricks and Old Mortar

I love old buildings – the grander, statelier and more steeped in history the better. It’s one reason I was attracted to the law in the first place. This attraction dates back to my childhood in Kingstree, South Carolina. Three blocks west of the house I grew up in was the magnificent Williamsburg County courthouse. Its multilevel front steps opened onto a wide portico with towering columns and a massive door like the door to a castle.   Read More +

Using Technology to Address Access to Courts and Justice 

Courtroom5 is an online litigation support tool for pro se civil litigants designed to make true access to the courts and justice available to all. We are guided by a simple creed: the courts belong to the people and together we can take them back. We are an award-winning tech startup. Most recently, co-founder Debra Slone and I were both honored as Fastcase 50 honorees. Courtroom5 was designated one of seven legal tech startups to watch by Law360. We know from firsthand experience that affording a lawyer is difficult and navigating the legal system without one is even more so.    Read More +

National Center for State Courts State-of-the-State Jury Improvement Efforts: Judge and Lawyer Survey

In 2007, the NCSC Center for Jury Studies published findings from the State-of-the-States Jury Improvement Efforts, which provided the first comprehensive, national snapshot of jury system operations and trial practices. Much has changed since the release of this report including the widespread use of technology in all aspects of courtroom management and continuous efforts to improve juror comprehension, performance, and satisfaction with jury service.   Read More +

The Best Money You Will Spend on Your Firm’s Tech This Year

There’s a certain kind of advice you get once in a while that is a little infuriating. I’ve certainly gotten it a bunch, I bet you have, too. It never fails to irritate me. And here I am now about to do the same thing to you. It happened to me most recently with a lawyer friend who is really into photography. He takes amazing pictures and has one of those fancy cameras with the big lenses that you carry around separately in its own backpack. He brings back incredible photos from national parks and foreign destinations.   Read More +

Financial Tips for Preparing for Retirement

Pay down debt. As you approach retirement, you don’t want debt to stand in the way of your future. The snowball method of debt reduction allows you to see wins along your journey which keeps you inspired to move forward. Identify your smallest debt and pay it off as quickly as possible. Then take the monthly payment that had been allocated towards the debt and add it to the minimum payment you have been making on your next smallest debt.   Read More +

Lawyers Mutual Partners with Erik Mazzone

Lawyers Mutual is excited to announce a new partnership with Erik Mazzone and Mazzone Works, LLC.  Erik, who is a nationally-known law practice management advisor, will be working with Lawyers Mutual to bolster our law practice management capabilities. Read More +

Do I Need Tail Coverage?

The most frequently asked question we receive in the Underwriting Department is “do I need tail coverage?”  This, of course, leads to questions about what it is, how does it work, and what is the cost. Every attorney’s situation is different, and you should speak with one of our underwriters about your specific situation.  With that said, let’s review the basic concepts of tail coverage to help you answer this question.     Read More +

RM Alert-Common Errors in Estates and Trusts

Over the last few years, Lawyers Mutual has seen an increase in Estates and Trusts (E&T) claims.  In 2021, E&T claims were the third most common claims according to area of practice.  Only Plaintiff’s personal injury and residential real estate generated more claims by practice area.  Errors occur in both estate planning and estate administration. Two common E&T errors are:   Read More +

Here’s to The Death of Work-Life Balance

Friends, lawyers, colleagues, lend me your ears: I come to bury “work-life balance,” not to praise it. The phrase belongs in the Dustbin of the Obsolete, along with the pet rock, Chevy Vega, Blockbuster Video membership card and Ronco Rhinestone Stud Setter. And good riddance, I say. The idea that your “work” and your “life” are two separate, distinct things on opposite ends of some cosmic scale has long passed its expiration date. The stress of finding the perfect balance between your personal and professional selves, the struggle to maintain it for a minute, an hour, a whole day. Who needs it?   Read More +