Do I Belong Here?

Do I belong here is a simple question that passes through the minds of job candidates as they pursue employment options. The question resurfaces during the interview process and again during onboarding. Job candidates are assessing what they read, hear, and experience during the job search, hiring, and onboarding processes. Attracting a diverse team requires a culture and brand that demonstrates you created an environment that fosters a sense of belonging. Individuals are searching your website to identify your mission, vision, and values for indications that they will easily fit with your team. Organizations are typically clear on their mission. They may need to publicize it more boldly to connect with individuals that share a passion for that mission.   Read More +

Your 2023 Plan for Recruiting Paralegals

Law firms are known for being notoriously slow in hiring. One of my favorite jobs took me five months to get after making the initial contact. I was employed at the time, but five months is a long time to wait. Job candidates tell me they can go weeks or even months without hearing a status update from a potential employer. While I was willing to wait five months, this scenario is unlikely to work in your favor in today’s employment climate.   Read More +