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by Monisha Parker |

New Design with you in mind—Let us be your back office

announcement How much time do you spend actually practicing law? Asking this question of a professional whose occupation is largely centered around the billable hour may raise an eyebrow.

However, think about how much time you spend actually running your firm versus the time you spend practicing at your firm. We can help. Lawyers Mutual’s website is undergoing some major changes and it’s all for you. Yes, you spending extra time searching for engagement letter templates and even you, trying to get your firm’s social media up and running. We’re redesigning our site with you in mind.

Let us be your back office. Lawyers Mutual offers lots of valuable practice management tips for your firm. Our resources include: practice guides, articles, blog posts, videos and there’s even a lending library.

We also follow industry trends in order to provide you with alerts to ensure that you’re aware of the latest in cyber security, malpractice risks and more.

Our new site will include new and improved categories which will make all our resources easier to access. Lawyers Mutual has been working diligently to assess the needs of our insureds and improve your online experience.

We are dedicated to rolling out a web design that offers easy access and efficiency. Let us be your back office, so you can focus on your practice. Our new website is coming soon! Be sure to check out the new site when it goes live.


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Monisha Parker

Monisha Parker previously served as the the Marketing Coordinator for Lawyers Mutual. Monisha connected Lawyers Mutual with our insureds and the legal community through the use of social media.

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