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Email Etiquette and Efficiency

Email plays a crucial role in the daily activities of legal professionals. Whether they are exchanging messages with colleagues, communicating with clients, or staying informed about court notifications, lawyers find their email inboxes flooded with a continuous flow of messages, creating a potentially overwhel… Read More

Crafting Your Way to a Happier and More Satisfying Law Practice

Burnout and attrition are very real problems for the legal profession. Law firms are struggling to keep top talent. Some firms have tried to throw money at the problem, but research shows that this is not the answer. In an in-depth study of lawyer satisfaction, law professor Lawrence Krieger and psychologist … Read More

Navigating the Minefield of Client Selection

If you practice long enough, you are going to end up with a client you wish you didn’t have. Maybe you have discovered that they have wildly unrealistic expectations about the value, timing, or merits of their case. Maybe you have come to realize that they are just overly vindictive and vengeful and only … Read More

Black History Month 2024

Black History Month was established to celebrate the rich history and countless contributions of Black Americans from the past and recognize the struggles that Black Americans have faced throughout history. But it is also an opportunity to highlight the achievements of Black Americans today. In celebration of … Read More

Buying and Selling a Law Practice

The NC State Bar has issued an opinion outlining the ethical responsibilities of lawyers who are retiring or phasing out of practice. Read, print or download NC Formal Ethics Opinion 1 here. A companion guide is the Lawyers Mutual publication, “Buying or Selling a Law Practice,” which you can read… Read More

How to Stop Overthinking

If you’re having trouble writing a brief or coming up with a winning strategy for a difficult case, you probably won’t be able to think your way out of the thicket. In fact, overthinking will only ratchet up the pressure. A better way to break the cycle is through a technique psychologists call br… Read More

10 PR Pointers for Your Practice

You can be the greatest lawyer in the world – but if nobody knows about you, it will add up to nothing. That’s where public relations comes in. If you’re like most solos and small firms, you don’t have an outside PR firm or an in-house specialist. That means you have to do it yourself. … Read More

How to Build a Championship Team at Your Firm

You might be a skilled communicator in court – and just as good with clients – but how well do you communicate with your staff and co-workers? It’s easy to take them for granted. They’re capable and well-trained. You assume they know what they should be doing, and you have neither the t… Read More

Beware! The Corporate Transparency Act is Upon Us

By Brandon K. Jones, Carruthers & Roth, P.A. Reprinted with permission. Beginning January 1, 2024, the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) goes into effect and will impose stringent Federal reporting requirements on many small businesses. The CTA was passed by Congress to enhance transparen… Read More

LM Welcomes Summer Intern Shawn Singleton

Lawyers Mutual is pleased to welcome Shawn Singleton, a 1L at NC Central School of Law, as a summer intern. Shawn hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and earned his undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University.   Shawn joins the Lawyers Mutual team for six weeks, working in the Cary office as well as… Read More