Medicaid: "Ahlborn hearings" are back thanks to the 2018 federal budget which makes Medicaid provide lien reduction hearings again. But watch the deadlines!

I'll put the most important thing first, then explain it. This is just my opinion, and applies only to North Carolina law, but since deadlines may be running, I wanted to get it out there. If you settled a case (by minor settlement, signed release, or Industrial Commission approval) in which Medicaid claimed a… Read More +

New Year, New Rules

The new year dawned with the hope and promise of a new beginning, along with a resolution to exercise more.  If you are anything like me, your new year’s resolutions are already in danger of fading to a mere historical curiosity. One resolution you can make and check off the list this week is to rev… Read More +

Celebrating 40 Years of Lawyers Mutual: A Look Back at Beginning

January is the time for new beginnings and reaching goals. The founders of Lawyers Mutual created a company dedicated to the attorneys of North Carolina. Their vision and dedication made Lawyers Mutual the great company it is today. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we take a look back at the foundation of L… Read More +

The Legal Power of a Little Debbie Cake

I was taught growing up that the truth would set me free, but it wasn’t until much later – and an incident involving Little Debbie snack cakes – that I saw how it actually works. Up until then I got the general idea. But still, I had my doubts. It seemed that in the real world telling the tru… Read More +