New Year, New Rules

The new year dawned with the hope and promise of a new beginning, along with a resolution to exercise more.  If you are anything like me, your new year’s resolutions are already in danger of fading to a mere historical curiosity. One resolution you can make and check off the list this week is to rev… Read More +

Celebrating 40 Years of Lawyers Mutual: A Look Back at Beginning

January is the time for new beginnings and reaching goals. The founders of Lawyers Mutual created a company dedicated to the attorneys of North Carolina. Their vision and dedication made Lawyers Mutual the great company it is today. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we take a look back at the foundation of L… Read More +

The Legal Power of a Little Debbie Cake

I was taught growing up that the truth would set me free, but it wasn’t until much later – and an incident involving Little Debbie snack cakes – that I saw how it actually works. Up until then I got the general idea. But still, I had my doubts. It seemed that in the real world telling the tru… Read More +