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LM Feature: Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle has been a lawyer for over 25 years. In addition to law, he did his graduate training in applied positive psychology. Sean has not only helped many people navigate the legal process, but he’s impacting how we travel the broader contours of our lives as well.  Consistent with the rotating … Read More

The Pro Bono Resource Center Voluntary Pro Bono Reporting

The North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center is a valued resource in the N.C. legal community. The NCPBRC connects legal professionals to opportunities that will allow them to have a lasting impact on the state. Most recently, the NCPBRC has been instrumental in the hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts.&nb… Read More

LM Feature: Kevin Lee | Campbell Law School

Campbell Law School’s innovative approach to legal education is preparing students for the changing landscape of the industry Campbell Law School is boldly riding the wave of transition and facing the rise of legal technology and innovation head on with exciting new course offerings and partnerships that… Read More

Developing a PR Strategy for your Firm

Public Relations is an essential marketing function in all businesses and the practice of law is no different. PR is all about positioning, messaging and promoting your law firm’s brand. What do you want potential clients, employees and other legal professionals to think about when they hear your firm&rs… Read More

I Want to Start a Blog but…

Blogging is a very valuable marketing tool. More lawyers are beginning to realize the role a blog can play in building and expanding your reputation. A well-written blog showcases your knowledge and commitment to adding value to the services you provide. Are you considering launching your blog, but you’r… Read More

LM Feature: Katherine Asaro | NC Pro Bono Resource Center

Many of us have seen or experienced first-hand the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence. The North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center is one of the organizations who has sprung into action to lead relief efforts. The NC Pro Bono Resource Center (PBRC) has also compiled a list of volunteer opportunities&… Read More

Overcoming the “E” word

I’m thinking of a word. It starts with the letter E. It has four letters and has been known to cause grumbling, anxiety and strike fear in the hearts of law students everywhere. Exam time is never a joyous occasion, in fact, it’s probably when most law students question why in the world they enroll… Read More

Calling all law students and recent grads!!

Check out this week’s SRC Friday post written by YOU! Yes, you reading this post. Our Student Resource Center was developed with law students in mind and we would love to have law students, new lawyers and law school staff contribute to our SRC Friday posts. Every Friday our blog is dedicated t… Read More

LM Feature: Kevin Pratt | CO-Law

We have all heard the saying, “work is no longer a place you go, but what you do.” The idea of where and how you work has drastically changed over the years. Thanks to technology and concepts such as co-working spaces, lawyers have redefined how they practice. We had a chance to chat with Kevin Prat… Read More

LM Feature: Ashley H. Campbell | The Blanchard Community Law Clinic

Campbell Law School’s Blanchard Community Law Clinic has already had a large impact on the local community.The clinic has handled more than 100 cases, including expunctions, family disputes, domestic violence protection orders, landlord/tenant issues, and many others. The “triage clinic,&r… Read More

LM Feature: Suzanne Lever

According to statistics found on “115,000 men, women and children await lifesaving organ transplants. 82% of patients waiting are in need of kidney transplants. 683,000 transplants have taken place since 1988.” One of those transplants took place in the spring of last year. Suzanne L… Read More

ABA hosts one of a kind Lawyer Retreat

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle of work emails, court appearances and phone calls. Picture a cool autumn breeze sending leaves dancing around your feet. The Rocky Mountains tower behind you as the trees burst with color. That’s part of what you can expect … Read More