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2018’s Most Popular Blogposts: Hourly Fees and Netflix

The most popular legal topics of 2018 were of-counsel relationships, hourly rates and auto accident UIM releases.

Lawyers were also interested in trust account guidelines and … wait for it … Netflix watchlists.

Those were the findings of a round-up of the most popular 2018 postings on Lawyers Mutual’s website.

6 Lawyers Mutual Posts You Loved

Based on the number of click-throughs, here are the six most popular posts and articles from last year:


Best Legal Marketing and Wellness Blogposts

The blog site Attorney at Work compiled its most-visited popular posts of 2018. Here they are:





NCBA Best of the Best

And over at the NC Bar Association, Catherine Sanders Reach (Director of the Center for Practice Management), flagged these 2018 highlights:

  • 2018’s Most Important Legal Tech Stories. “Jason Tashea at the ABA Journal rounds up the most important legal technology trends from 2018 including privacy and data protection legislation, autonomous vehicles, the end of the smartphone patent wars, net neutrality and big tech mergers,” Reach writes on the NC Bar Blog. “Most of the cases cited are still ongoing and will continue to have impact on the legal world in the coming year.”
  • Relax With Our Favorite Long Reads Of 2018. Editors and writers at the ABA journal picked their favorite in-depth features, which ranged from dealing with the opioid crisis to buying a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg bobblehead.


What posts grabbed your attention in 2018?




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