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Jay Reeves practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina. Over the course of his 35-year career he was a solo practitioner, corporate lawyer, legal editor, Legal Aid staff attorney and insurance risk manager. Today he helps lawyers and firms put more mojo in their practice through marketing, work-life balance and reclaiming passion for what they do. He is available for consultations, retreats and presentations.

California Bar Takers Get Tipped Off on Test Topics

Christmas came early for the more than 3,000 people who had signed up to take the California bar exam in July. Three days before the exam, the State Bar of California sent each registrant an email listing the five topics that would be covered on the essay portion of the test. It also disclosed the subject matt… Read More

Integrity is Top Trait for Law Partner

It’s all well and good that the person you’re considering as a law partner is smart as a whip and comes with a lucrative book of business. But if you want to forge a healthy relationship that will stand the test of time, look for someone who is a team player and works well with others. Strong liste… Read More

Capital One Breach Shows Value of Cyber Insurance

The massive Capital One data breach – one of the largest hacks in history – is a stark reminder of the importance of cyber insurance coverage. The breach affected approximately 106 million Capital One customers in the US and Canada. In its wake, the bank took the unusual step of publicly disclosing… Read More

11 Habits of the Super-Rich

If you’d like to make more money, try watching less television and reading more books. Two-thirds of super-wealthy people watch an hour of television or less each day, and few of them have ever seen a reality show. On the other hand, 88 percent of them spend at least 30 minutes reading every day. Those … Read More

LinkedIn Launches “Open for Business” Feature

LinkedIn has launched two new tools to turbo-charge your online marketing efforts. The first is an “open for business” feature that lets you add practice areas, skills, and geographical locations directly to your LinkedIn profile. The information will be highlighted in a box that will appear in sea… Read More

7 Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing

The difference between a smart law practice and a stressed one sometimes comes down to a single word: outsourcing. Smart firms know when and how to outsource. Stressed firms try to keep it all in-house. And while outsourcing is not a new concept, it has gained fresh currency in an age where collaboration easil… Read More

8 Books That Launched Great Businesses

If not for a book written by a coffee salesman, the mega-successful startup Stitch Fix might never have been born. Stitch Fix founder and CEO Katrina Lake says before she started her company – valued at $1.2 billion after going public in 2017 – she read It’s Not about the Coffee: Leadership P… Read More

Jones Day is Top Law Firm Brand in US

If you want some pointers on how to brand your law firm, look no further than Jones Day. The BigLaw behemoth is the strongest law firm brand in the U.S., according to an industry survey. “Jones Day hit all the high marks in the areas that matter most,” writes Lizzy Duffy of Acritas US, which condu… Read More

Alternative Legal Services Sector is Exploding

In the coming years, your biggest competitor may well be an accounting firm, not the lawyer down the street. And that threat just got bigger, in the wake of Ernst & Young’s multi-million acquisition of a leading Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP). EY — the entity that includes Ernst &a… Read More

Lawyer Suspended for Angry Emails and Unhinged Attack

Here’s some free risk management advice: it’s never a good sign when a federal judge blasts you for inappropriate diatribes, slaps you with $50,000 in sanctions, and orders you to attend anger management classes. Just ask the Chicago lawyer who was on the receiving end of an indefinite suspension b… Read More

First-Year Salaries at Big Law Firms Top $150,000

As big law firms rack up record revenues, they’re passing the good fortune along to their newest associates. The median salary for first-year associates reached $155,000 in January 2019 – an increase of $20,000 from 2017, according to the 2019 Associate Salary Survey Report from the National Associ… Read More