Walking With Giants in Your Law Life

As the Carolina landscape turns red and gold and November arrives with a nip, I bring you news from the Fall Classic to brighten your Law Life:  There is greatness all around, and giants walk among us. For proof, look no further than Major League Baseball’s champion Texas Rangers, winners of the 2023 World Series.    Read More

How to Deal with a Law Office Narcissist

If there’s a narcissist in your law office, and if you find said narcissist a tad tiresome at times, you’ve come to the right place. The end to your frustration could be to become a “gray rock.” It is no secret that the legal profession tends to attract individuals with Type A personal… Read More

Well-Being Strategies For Busy NC Lawyers

We all know that wellness is essential to a safe and successful practice. The proof is all around us. Lawyers who tend to their personal and professional wellbeing and happy and productive. Lawyers who neglect self-care do so at their peril. This year, Lawyers Mutual will present a special hour-long presentat… Read More

How to Start Savoring Your Law Life

 When was the last time you truly savored a win in your Law Life?  The type of win – a job promotion, a grateful client, a favorable case outcome – is irrelevant. As is the size. The printer is finally unjammed! I found my keys! It’s not Monday! Even small victories deserve to be savored. So why don’t we do it more often?   Read More

SIMPLE Wire Fraud Advice From Investors Title

The best advice for avoiding wire fraud in a real estate transaction is SIMPLE.  Seller Identity Must Precede Literally Everything. That’s the headline of a new risk management brochure from Investors Title Insurance Company. “When we are small children, we are warned about talking to strang… Read More

Lawyers Mutual CLE Road Show Itinerary

Make sure you’ve got your calendars marked for the tour dates of Lawyers Mutual’s three-hour CLE road show. We look forward to visiting your community and saying hi. If you can’t make it in person, no problem. Virtual showings will be offered. Here are upcoming CLE programs of Put Into Pract… Read More

Cigarette Smoking Is Reaching Historic Lows

Only one in eight people in the U.S. smoked cigarettes last year, as usage rates continue to track historically low levels.  In fact, more Americans now smoke weed than cigarettes.  The 12 percent smoker rate is but a fraction of what it was in the 1950s, when it reached an all-time high of 45 perce… Read More

Need a Great Speaker for Your Law Event?

Need a guest speaker for your next firm retreat, county bar luncheon, or CLE event?  Lawyers Mutual has you covered. Our panel of presenters can deliver real-life examples and practical, timely information. Our speakers are available for bar associations, legal professional organizations and in-house prog… Read More

Did you know Lawyers Mutual now offers on-demand CLE?

You can meet your annual State Bar requirements online – and at your convenience – with minimal sweat, stress and strain. Our on-demand videos bring the experts to your office. They offer the same content as our popular “Put Into Practice” three-hour CLE road show, and you can view them… Read More

Be Careful Disposing of Office Equipment

Planning a Fall Cleanup at your office? Better be careful how you dispose of that old office equipment. If it happens to fall into the wrong hands, you could find yourself in trouble with the State Bar and your malpractice carrier. “If someone gets to your information in a disposed piece of equipment, i… Read More

Follow the Money in Cyber Scams

Follow the money. That phrase is often applied to the investigation of political scandals. But it also applies to the tactics of cyber-scammers. “Following the money” is the approach used by online fraudsters. Initially they attempted to hack into the systems of the lenders until the lenders began… Read More

Lawyer Blames Misbehavior on Generation Gap

Ethics pop quiz: is blaming the “generation gap” a valid defense to a Bar complaint that accuses you of inappropriate behavior with court employees? Answer: who knows? But we might soon get some clues from Skokie, Illinois, where a lawyer is facing disciplinary charges for persisting in “fli… Read More

10 Tips for Password Security

If you’re like most people, you probably use the same password for more than one online account. That’s a mistake. “Password security has always been relevant, but it has become even more so today as cybercriminals continue to think of new and innovative ways to hack accounts and g… Read More

5 Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Selling legal services is not like selling widgets. A bevy of ethical rules and professional restraints limit what lawyers can do and say in marketing their practices.  Some rules – such as the mandatory disclosures required for solicitation letters and prohibitions on touting legal skills in unver… Read More

Are Your Vendors Cyber Secure?

Your law office and computer system might be cyber safe, but what about your vendors? If they’re vulnerable, you might be too. These days, law firms use a panoply of companies for cloud data storage, case management, payroll, cybersecurity, tech support and assisting with almost every function in the la… Read More