Instructions for an Astonishing Law Life

Here’s a tip for a terrific Law Life: make room for a little astonishment each day. You may find it’s easier said than done. Nothing surprises us anymore. We’ve seen and heard it all. We can stream any movie ever made, listen to any song ever recorded, google the answer to any question ever asked.   Read More

The 4 Elements of a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Does your law firm have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan? If not, how will you know what to do – and who to call – in the event of a cyber attack? “If you have no IRP, you are asking for a catastrophe – and one likely to make the headlines,” according to this post at Abov… Read More

Remembering Jimmy V: Don’t Ever Give Up

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up. That was one of the memorable lines from a 1993 speech filled with memorable lines. The speaker was former N.C. State basketball coach Jim Valvano, who was accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award at the inaugural ESPYS on March 4, 1993.  &… Read More

Law Firm Mergers Decreased During the Pandemic

  One consequence of the pandemic that has drawn little attention is the negative impact it has had on law firm mergers. In 2021, there were 41 reported mergers, with only five occurring in the last quarter of the year, a time when activity is usually brisk. That’s a 25 percent dip from the nati… Read More

NC Supreme Court Issues Order on Recusal Motions

The Supreme Court of North Carolina has issued an administrative order regarding motions for the disqualification or recusal of supreme court justices. According to the order, the Supreme Court shall assign the motion to the justice who is the subject of the motion for their determination. “… Read More

Law Students Hit Hard by COVID

COVID has disrupted everyone’s life, but for law students it’s been a nightmare. From cancelled graduation ceremonies to online bar exams, students have had to deal with one challenge after another – and it has taken a toll. A recent study from Canada found that students are facing acute m… Read More

Top Skills for In-House Counsel in 2022

If you’re looking to land a job as an in-house lawyer, you might improve your chances by mastering a new language or taking up a new hobby  Being able to step outside your comfort zone and learn something new will serve you well in this age of corporate anxiety and uncertainty  Another tip: … Read More

Announcing the 2021 Banished Words List

Here’s a grammar resolution for 2022: vow to eliminate the phrases “new normal,” “deep dive” and “circle back” from your vocabulary.  While you’re at it, get rid of “no worries” as well. Those are four of the phrases on the 2021 Lake Superior … Read More

Secrets to Success for New Associates

  If you’re a new associate and want to impress your firm, be sure to keep your legal research skills sharp. Lawyers who can quickly and accurately analyze a fact situation, identify key issues, and figure out how to get answers will always be in demand. “Present your findings in a stra… Read More

Here are 3 Strategies for Paying off Law School Debt

First, the bad news: students are graduating from law school with an average debt of more than $139,000. Now the good news: paying off a debt that big is not only possible, but it can be done without undue agony or years of financial insecurity. It takes discipline, patience and a strict budget. Most import… Read More

Standout Lawyers Unhappy with Their Work Hours

  Although most firms are in the process of rebounding from COVID, many of their top-performing lawyers remained deeply concerned. They worry about how their firm in particular – and the profession in general – is going to navigate the long-term turbulence of working remotely, implementing ne… Read More

What Happens When an Attorney is Also a Witness in the Case?

A solo attorney may ethically represent his law firm PLLC and also testify as a witness in a fee dispute with a former client. This is so despite the prohibition of NC Rule of Professional Conduct 3.7, which says attorneys cannot serve as both advocate and witness in a matter.  That’s the ruling … Read More

Top Lawyer Gifts 2021

This year, are you asking Santa for a personalized ornament of your favorite lawyer – complete with a hook and ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree? Or maybe you’re wishing for a personalized Cameo video greeting from the actor who plays the bailiff on Judge Judy or the UPS delivery driver from … Read More

5 Client Relations Tips for the Holiday Season

  Although this holiday shopping season promises to be more “normal” than the past two years, consumers still say they plan to do most of their buying online. Businesses of all types are accommodating them by offering curbside pickup, shipping discounts, and expanded ecommerce options. As a … Read More

Top 20 Christmas Movies

  It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual Lawyers Mutual Holiday Movie Countdown, in which we recap the 20 most popular yuletide films of all time as ranked by Rotten Tomatoes.  We know that for a whole year you’ve been anxiously awaiting answers to essential questions, such as:… Read More