Lawyer Disciplined for Lying to Get a Deadline Extended

Here’s a Risk Management 101 lesson: don’t lie that you’re seriously ill in order to get a discovery deadline extended. It could lead to a suspension of your law license. That’s the possible penalty an Illinois lawyer is facing after he made false statements to opposing counsel about… Read More

6 Ways to Improve Your Remote Workers’ Lives

One of the myriad changes brought about by the pandemic is that employers are rethinking the benefits and perks they give their employees.  From flex schedules to food delivery, from home office allowances to child care assistance – employers are experimenting with ways to make life easier for the… Read More

How to Have “Stay Conversations” With Your Team

There’s never been a more pressing need for having a “stay conversation” with members of your team – particularly new associates. A stay conversation is an in-person discussion with a focused agenda. One goal is to offer empathy and support in these uncertain, stressful times. A large… Read More

Law Firms Emphasize Wellness, Survey Shows

Here’s some great news: most lawyers say their firms are supportive of their mental health, work-life balance and wellness needs.  But glaring gaps remain. For instance, only one in four says their firm provides good information about 12-step programs and other wellness resources. And more than a … Read More

Midlevel Associates Feeling the Burn(out)

What’s life like for a midlevel associate at a large firm during a pandemic? Stressful, as you might expect. But also often boring, with stale coffee, drab décor and mundane assignments. Above all, it’s a lifestyle that’s highly susceptible to burnout, with many associates saying th… Read More

6 Pointers for Cashless Fees and Billings

When it comes to fees and billing, cash is definitely no longer king – and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Less than 30 percent of payments to all businesses are made by cash, and that percentage is dropping each year. Even for small purchases of less than $20, two-thirds are paid by credit ca… Read More

How to Win Big at Scrabble While Sheltering at Home

 If one of your coping mechanisms for sheltering at home is playing board games like Scrabble, this blogpost is for you. Here you will learn the one single word that will earn the highest possible score – a whopping 1,778 points – on the Scrabble board. Spoiler alert: the magic word i… Read More

Law Job Applicants Being Ghosted on LinkedIn

The practice of “ghosting” has moved beyond romantic relationships into the realm of job-hunting, and aspiring lawyers are among those getting burned. According to a recent LinkedIn poll, a jaw-dropping 93 percent of job applicants say they’ve been “ghosted” by a prospectiv… Read More

8 Tools to Make You an Email Marketing Pro

Email marketing is thriving in the pandemic, as lawyers take advantage of an easy and efficient way to communicate with clients and attract new business. And you can’t beat the price – which is often free. Constant Contact and MailChimp are two of the major players in the email marketing space. … Read More

LegalZoom Sued for UPL in California

  LegalZoom has been sued in California for the unauthorized practice of law by preparing and filing trademark applications. The lawsuit was filed by a California patent attorney who says he wants to create an “equal playing field.” The complaint names as defendants LegalZoom, its co-founders… Read More

Unplug and Re-energize

6 Step Process for Unplugging and Re-energizing  A surefire way to relieve stress and boost creativity is to occasionally turn off your phone, step away from the computer screen and simply be silent. For most lawyers, that’s easier said than done – even in normal times. And in these days of… Read More