How to Prevent a Social Engineering Attack

With ransomware attacks disrupting everything from gasoline to hamburgers, it’s important to know the basics of social engineering and how to keep your firm safe. It’s all about education and training, starting with the fact that variations of social engineering have been around forever. “… Read More

Lawyer Well-Being in a Pandemic

  Around one in three lawyers started drinking more over the past 18 months, according to new data. Thirty-four (34) percent of female lawyers and 29 percent of the male lawyers reported their drinking increased during the pandemic. Women who reported an increase were seven times more likely to engage in… Read More

ABA Report on Post-Pandemic Best Practices

  Lawyers are feeling so overwhelmed these days that many are working part-time, and a significant number are thinking of leaving the profession altogether. Most of the rest are highly stressed about income and job security. Meanwhile, lawyers across the board want their firms to emphasize wellness and q… Read More

AI Tool for Writing Briefs

A new tech tool that cranks out powerfully compelling case briefs is the latest example of how AI is helping lawyers succeed. Clearbrief – an AI-powered legal writing tool – was developed by a lawyer and former prosecutor. It evaluates briefs for accuracy in citations, depth of caselaw, and persuas… Read More

6 Easy Ways to Create a Winning Website

If you want a more powerful website, make sure your office location, phone number and email are displayed prominently on your homepage. Also: include a Call to Action inviting visitors to engage further by contacting your office, scheduling an appointment, or linking to your blog.  Another tip: keep yo… Read More

How to Ethically Respond to a Negative Online Review

  If a disgruntled client posts a negative review of you online, how are you ethically permitted to respond? That question is currently being considered by the NC State Bar Ethics Committee. In April, the committee published Proposed 2020 Formal Ethics Opinion 1, which says a lawyer cannot include confi… Read More

A Glimpse at the Law Firm of the Future

These days every law firm must offer at least a basic level of Digital Service Delivery. Whether you’re 100 percent virtual or 100 percent physical, your practice must include digital operations or risk obsolescence. “Clients just don’t accept delays and don’t see the need for a commut… Read More

5 Ways to Practice Law as a Team Sport

More than 80 percent of lawyers define a “multidisciplinary” practice team as one comprised of attorneys drawn from varying firms, practice areas and experience levels. The caveat: only lawyers allowed. Fewer than 20 percent of lawyers take a more inclusive approach, defining a “multidiscipl… Read More

7 Website Tips for a Better Client Experience

  When it comes to your law firm website, the key factor is not how much you paid for it, or what web designer you used. And it’s not whether you love or hate your site. The key factor – actually, the only factor – is how your site is performing.  If it attracts visitors and prom… Read More

Harder to Get Into Law School

More people are applying for law school, which means it’s harder to get in. To illustrate: last year, a score of 172 on the LSAT and a 3.8 college GPA would likely have been good enough to get you into one of the top eight law schools in the country. This year, those credentials might not even get you… Read More

Take the Succession Readiness Test

  (Excerpted from “Designing a Succession Plan for Your Law Practice,” by Tom Lenfestey and Camille Stell. See below for information on ordering the book.) Life is not a checklist. Exit, retirement, selling, succession. Death, disability, disbarment. Simply thinking about these topics –… Read More

5 Tips for Battling Zoom Fatigue

  One factor that is contributing to Zoom fatigue is having to work extra hard to communicate your thoughts and feelings accurately. Ordinary cues like body language and tone of voice are missing. Spatial context is gone. It is difficult to be precise, especially in group conferences when you may only ha… Read More

How and Why to Become a Legal Specialist in NC

Being recognized as an expert in your practice field – not just by your peers but also your state licensing authority – can set you apart in a crowded, competitive profession. Attorneys in North Carolina can become board-certified in the following areas: Appellate Practice; Bankruptcy Law Business;… Read More