Report Your 2020 Pro Bono Hours by March 31

  Have you reported your 2020 pro bono hours yet? Don’t worry, it’s not mandatory to report your pro bono efforts – or even to do pro bono work at all. But Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 says North Carolina attorneys should “aspire to render at least (50) hours of pro bono publ… Read More

Bar Grievances Declined in 2020

  The NC State Bar opened 927 new grievance files against attorneys in 2020, down from the 1,258 files opened in 2019. Over the course of the year, the Grievance Committee considered 763 grievances and dismissed 538 of them (73 percent). Eleven files were dismissed and retained because the respondent law… Read More

Here’s How Clients Choose a Lawyer

If you want to attract new business, stop thinking like a lawyer and start thinking like a client.  Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. How do they go about finding a lawyer? What do they want to know before picking one? What factors – price, availability, experience – sway th… Read More

How to Convince Your Firm to Let You Work Remotely

  If you want your team to buy into your firm’s remote work policy, be sure to let them know that working from home is neither a perk nor a privilege. It’s a way to keep them and their families safe and healthy. A side benefit: it boosts your ability to recruit and retain top talent. And if … Read More

False News Spreads 70 Percent Faster Online

Here’s a risk management reminder: the ethical obligation to be truthful about your services as a lawyer is even more crucial when you’re posting something online. That’s because fake news is 70 percent more likely to be shared and spread than real news. And the more dramatic the information,… Read More

A Friendly Reminder About Your 2021 State Bar Dues

Have you paid your 2021 State Bar dues? Payments were due January 1 but are not considered late if received/postmarked on or before June 30. The State Bar sent the annual fee notices to lawyers via email in November 2020. Lawyers can log in and pay their 2021 dues online. At Lawyers Mutual, we don… Read More

Are You A Passive-Aggressive Emailer?

  If you routinely send emails that begin with “Per my last email” or “Per our conversation” or “Not sure you saw my prior email,” congratulations. You’re a passive-aggressive emailer. Don’t take it personally. We’re all guilty of sending the occasio… Read More

How to Rid Your Law Office of Kryptonite

In the law office, stress is a type of kryptonite that saps your team’s creativity and sabotages its outcomes.  And those negative effects aren’t just confined to the office. They’re carried home as well.  In a recent survey, a majority of workers said work stress is the number one… Read More

Exposing the Innovation Gap in the Law

The overwhelming majority of in-house lawyers say innovation is a top priority at their companies, and many are frustrated that their outside firms don’t feel the same way. One of the biggest obstacles to innovation: a misconception about what Artificial Intelligence is and what it can do for a law fir… Read More

Legal Marketing Stress is Soaring

The past year has been challenging for lawyers – but it’s been even more challenging for legal marketers. Health and safety concerns, coupled with the economic collapse, have made life difficult for those who work in law firm marketing and business development. An eye-popping 96 percent say they… Read More

Are You a Legal Rebel?

If you consider yourself a lawyer who is unafraid of change, embraces tech solutions, and enjoys thinking outside the box, congratulations! You just might be a Legal Rebel. Each year, the ABA Journal (in association with the ABA Center for Innovation) announces a class of Legal Rebels. “For this year… Read More

Here’s a Four-Step SEO Plan for Your Firm

If you want to boost your law firm’s online search rankings, start by chopping the complex task of Search Engine Optimization into smaller, more manageable pieces. There are four pieces to keep top of mind.  “Every successful SEO strategy consists of four components: technical SEO, engaging… Read More