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Jay Reeves practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina. Over the course of his 35-year career he was a solo practitioner, corporate lawyer, legal editor, Legal Aid staff attorney and insurance risk manager. Today he helps lawyers and firms put more mojo in their practice through marketing, work-life balance and reclaiming passion for what they do. He is available for consultations, retreats and presentations.

9 Reasons to Get Active in Your Local Bar

Do you participate in your county, district or municipal bar group? If not, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity to improve your Law Life. “Bar associations are the heartbeat of the legal profession,” writes New York attorney Adrienne B. Koch, a self-confessed voluntary bar group junki… Read More

April 8-9 Workshop to Cover Buying/Selling a Law Practice

You’re a solo practitioner in rural North Carolina. You’ve been a fixture in your small town for years. Your practice is personally identified with you. As a result, you think it will have little to no market value when you retire. Think again. You could be sitting on an asset worth more than you i… Read More

Lawyers in Transition: Putting Your Life Wisdom to Work

You’ve spent years building your law career. You’ve invested time, sweat and tears in it.  Not to mention the grind of law school, the hours of self-study to keep your skills sharp, and the many life lessons learned in the process. Now comes the time to put that wealth of wisdom to work in a n… Read More

Happy Workers are 12 Percent More Productive

Here’s a pop quiz: when it comes to the happiness of your employees, which of the following best describes your attitude: I want them to enjoy their work, but “being happy” is not in the job description. That’s for them to pursue on their own time. Keeping my employees happy is good … Read More

10 Steps for Solo and Small Firm Cyber-Safety

If you’re a solo or small firm, you’re a prime target for a cyber-attack – in fact you might have already been hit and don’t know it. Close to two-thirds of cyber-attacks specifically target small businesses, according to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Report. Hackers know small firms are… Read More

8 Ways for Solos and Small Firms to Survive a Recession

If predictions of a looming recession prove accurate, there are ways for your firm to come through it in good shape – but you need to start preparing now. One thing to do is to cement relationships with your clients, referral sources and key vendors. Let them know how important they are to you and how mu… Read More

9 Ways a Dog Can Improve Your Law Office

Forget about getting an MBA or taking a leadership class – if you really want to be an influencer in your law firm, go out and get yourself a dog. Nine out of 10 top corporate leaders had a pet as a child, according to a recent survey, and most of them say that experience helped fueled their rise to the … Read More

6 Things Your Firm’s Trust Account Officer Should Know

Here’s some free risk management advice: it’s wrong to steal money from your client trust account to pay for home renovations, landscaping and a party with a Hawaiian band. Of course it’s wrong to steal from your trust account, period. It will get you disbarred. It may also land you behind ba… Read More

5 Tips for Marketing Your Firm With Facebook Videos

Did you know you have an ethical duty to stay current on issues involving Facebook and social media? And that this duty might require you to investigate your client’s social media presence and advise them how it could impact their case? If not, you should take a moment to review Rule of Professional Con… Read More

The Best New Year’s Resolutions Ever Made

If you didn’t get around to making any resolutions on New Year’s Day, don’t worry, you can always use the ones you made last year – or a decade ago. The very best resolutions are evergreen. They don’t begin on January 1 and end on December 31. They bring positive, lasting change t… Read More