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Jay Reeves practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina. Over the course of his 35-year career he was a solo practitioner, corporate lawyer, legal editor, Legal Aid staff attorney and insurance risk manager. Today he helps lawyers and firms put more mojo in their practice through marketing, work-life balance and reclaiming passion for what they do. He is available for consultations, retreats and presentations.

Are You Following the 80/20 Social Media Rule?

If you’re marketing on social media, you should follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of what you post should be useful and interesting to clients and prospects. Twenty percent or less should be about your new hire, an award you just won, or other info promoting your firm. Another tip: every post should inc… Read More

Law School Group Helps First-Gen Students

A new support group is helping first-generation students navigate the bewildering – and often biased – landscape of law school. First Generation Professionals was founded at Boston University School of Law in 2017. It provides resources, tools and a sense of community for “first generation pr… Read More

Silence is Golden

Here’s a modest proposal: instead of 12 hours of mandatory CLE each year, maybe the State Bar should require 12 hours of silence instead. It would be a triple win. The world would be quieter, clients would be happier, and our law lives would improve. Though I suspect some lawyers would howl. Forcing me … Read More

Turn That Summer Gig into a Full-time Law Job

If you’re looking to land a job at a law firm, the best strategy is to get your foot in the door as a summer associate. “There are, of course, people I have known who have gotten jobs in large law firms without being a summer associate first (Yale graduates who work in the State Department during t… Read More

The Best Defense Against a Malpractice Claim

The best defense against a malpractice claim is to keep a close eye on your calendar. That’s because most claims are the result of administrative errors like missing a key deadline or not filing a document on time. “Although attorneys typically devote significant effort to ensuring that they get t… Read More

$280,000 Hourly Fee Struck Down as Problematic

If you accept a case on an hourly fee basis, do you take the time to explain to your client exactly what activities will be billed, and at what rate? And if other attorneys might take the case on a contingent fee basis, do you inform the client of that? Do you discuss the pros and cons of each option? If not,… Read More

NCAJ Convention to Feature Reptile Brains and Practical Skills

In a polarized world, litigators need to think like lizards in order to win in the courtroom. Meaning: make arguments that appeal to our primitive, reptile brains. A live workshop on how to do that – along with lots of other educational and social opportunities – are on the agenda for the 2019 Ann… Read More

Jones Day Hit With $200 Million Gender Lawsuit

Six female associates have filed a $200 million gender discrimination lawsuit against Jones Day, calling the firm a fraternity led by one man. The proposed class action, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that the “hostile work environment” at Jones Day har… Read More

Use Micro-Boosts to Grow Your Practice

Got 15 or 20 minutes of unexpected free time on your hands? Put it to good use by giving your law practice a micro-boost. You might be surprised at the major benefits that could result. For instance, brainstorm three good topics for blogposts. Choose any subject that pops into your head. Odds are if it intere… Read More

Columbia SC Tops List of Shortest Commutes

The next time you catch yourself griping about the commute to your law office, be thankful you’re not in Los Angeles – where drivers spend an average of 102 hours stuck in traffic each year. Or New York City (91 hours), Atlanta (70 hours) or Miami (64 hours). And commuting in those locations doesn… Read More

Engagement Agreement Saves the Day for Law Firm

You probably know it’s a good idea to confirm the terms of your representation – particularly what you have agreed to do and how you will be paid – in a written agreement with your client. But you may not appreciate how important an engagement agreement is for malpractice defense. A recent c… Read More

Robocall Deluge is Risk Management Concern

In the midst of an epidemic of robocalls and spoofing scams, lawyers need to be vigilant about telephone communications with clients. Robocalls, spam calls and other unwanted phone contacts are skyrocketing, according to the latest government statistics. And preventive steps like call-blocking apps and Do Not … Read More