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The Joys of Giving Back

by Samantha Cruff |

The holiday season reminds us all that there is greater joy and satisfaction in giving than receiving.

Nothing feels better than volunteering your time and skills to help those who need it.

Lending a Hand After Florence

In October, I volunteered with the disaster relief organization Operation Blessing to help with hurricane Florence efforts in Lumberton.

In many smaller towns like Lumberton, fewer volunteers came to help.

We primarily helped with cleanup efforts. We cut fallen trees on the property. We removed damaged items from homes, such as furniture, clothing, and family heirlooms. We also removed waterlogged insulation in walls and crawlspaces, helping prevent mold growth for homeowners.

On a few jobs, we arrived to do the work for the homeowner to be told by their insurance company that we weren’t allowed to touch anything.

As a result, many homeowners were left in limbo more than a month after Florence had disrupted their lives.

How You Can Help

The hurricane cleanup efforts continue.

Many who are still struggling with their insurance don’t have the resources to hire legal counsel to help.

Thankfully, the NC Pro Bono Resource Center has created a list of volunteer opportunities for lawyers to help support victims of Florence.

Volunteering shouldn’t stop with Florence. Spread the joy throughout the year by giving a little of your time and legal skills.

About the Author

Samantha Cruff

Samantha Cruff is the Marketing Communications Coordinator at Lawyers Mutual. Contact Samantha for information regarding our available risk management publications at 800.662.8843 or samantha@lawyersmutualnc.com.

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