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Keeping Client Information Confidential While Working Remotely

Now that most of us find ourselves working remotely for the first time, we must extend our professional responsibility practices into the home. Since almost all communications occur electronically, client confidentiality is of the utmost importance.  “While the technical issues can be confusing, it … Read More

Using Acrobat’s Single-Key Accelerator To Make Your PDFs Work for You

PDFs are a great way to share information. Sometimes you want to make one small tweak before you send it to someone else though. Redact a name? Highlight information? Fill in a form? All of these are possible directly in Acrobat. Turning on Single-Key Shortcuts To get the most benefit from Acrobat shortcut… Read More

Scamming Like It’s 2010 in 2019

History repeats itself. In this case, the original trust account scam has come back to haunt us. Lawyers Mutual recently received several reports of counterfeit check scams. Yes, you read that right. Fake checks are on the rise again. What is a Check Scam? The basic bad check scam attempts to trick a lawyer … Read More

Tis the Season

The holiday season reminds us all that there is greater joy and satisfaction in giving than receiving. Nothing feels better than volunteering your time and skills to help those who need it. Lending a Hand After Florence In October, I volunteered with the disaster relief organization Operation Blessing&n… Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts: Making the Most of Excel

(This post is the fourth in a series. Previous articles list shortcuts for Microsoft Office, Word, and Outlook.) Microsoft Excel looks overwhelming sometimes. Most of us use Excel to maintain contact lists and for accounting or budgeting purposes. Excel has a multitude of features that I never… Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts: Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Word

(This is the second part of a series. You can read the first post here.) Word processing is one of the most common job duties in an office. Whether its editing a letter, typing court documents, or using inter-office forms, many of us are typing constantly. For most of us today, this means we are using M… Read More