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Charlotte Attorney Turns Podcaster to Tackle a Decades-Old Baseball Mystery

Attorney Josh Durham represents individuals and corporations in a wide number of business disputes in his day job with the Charlotte office of Bell, Davis & Pitt, P.A. Josh also provides Lawyers Mutual with insightful articles, such as his treatise on consumer demand letters and his book review of The Barrowfields.

On the side, however, Josh is becoming a true crime solving podcaster. His investigative skills shine in his podcast, The Mysterious and Unbelievable Case of the Batboy and the Hot Dogs, which explores  the story of the 1990 Burlington Indians.

Here is a brief description:

Estimates show that only one minor-leaguer out of ten will make it to the majors. For the ballplayers arriving in Burlington, that means three of them might make it. From the 1990 Burlington Indians, though, seven did. You will definitely recognize some of them.

Best friends Josh Durham and Ashley Pace were there that summer, working for the team. Josh, who had also just graduated high school, filmed pitchers and batters for the Indians’ coaches. Ashley, a rising high-school senior, was the team batboy.

. . . [T]his new podcast will tell a true-crime story that has never been told. A story that Ashley and Josh have kept under wraps for thirty years.

You read that right – you will be getting the story straight from the horse’s mouth! The first episode of the podcast is available now. Tune in to check out a piece of North Carolina history.

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