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by Jay Reeves |

Why You Should Lean Into Being a Small Firm

If you are in a solo or small firm practice, don’t waste time trying to be like bigger firms.

Instead, lean into your size, which makes you flexible, accessible and local. That’s what consumers are increasingly looking for.

“According to a recent Nielsen study, 12 percent of global consumers exclusively buy from small or medium-sized businesses [and] 26 percent are ‘unintentional small buyers,’ buying from small businesses when it’s convenient for them,” according to business writer Miranda Fraraccio. “Consumers support small businesses for various reasons, including their reduced environmental impact, better customer service, and unique offerings that are often more sustainably sourced.” 

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Five Ways to Capitalize on Being a Small Firm

Below are some suggestions for leaning into your small-firm status, courtesy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce newsletter CO:

  1. Show your value proposition. What makes your firm unique? Why should a client choose you over your competitors? What can you offer that they can’t?
  2. Know your client base. Who are your ideal clients? Where are they located? What jobs do they have? The more you know about them, the better you can tailor your services to them.
  3. Use localized SEO. “Market to local consumers by using SEO strategies that focus on locality,” according to CO. “This will help boost your business’s visibility on local search results. Mention your community or region frequently online and incorporate keywords and phrases that the local market is searching for.”
  4. Get involved in your community. This will build organic relationships and boost referrals. Join local civic groups, sponsor local sports teams, and contribute to the community betterment.
  5. Use email marketing. “Nurture relationships with existing customers to ensure they feel appreciated and remain loyal,” according to this source. “Try strategies such as predictive product promotion, sending coupons on a customer’s anniversary or birthday, or partnering with other local companies to offer exclusive deals.”

What about you? How do you leverage your status as a solo practitioner or small firm?


Source: How to Target Small Business Customers (


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