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What Lawyers Mutual and Linda Ronstadt Have in Common

40th Anniversary logoFor a time in the mid-seventies, lawyers in North Carolina were singing the blues over the lack of affordable malpractice coverage.

But then in 1977, Lawyers Mutual – the first lawyer-owned mutual liability insurer in the country – was created. And practitioners from Ahoskie to Zebulon have been singing a happy tune ever since.

That same year, Linda Ronstadt – one of the sweetest voices in pop music history – won the Grammy Award for Best Female Vocalist. The male winner was Stevie Wonder.

Here are the top vocalists for the years that followed:

1978    Barbra Streisand – James Taylor

1979    Anne Murray – Barry Manilow

1980    Dionne Warwick – Billy Joel

1981    Bette Midler – Kenny Loggins

1982    Lena Horne – Al Jarreau

1983    Melissa Manchester – Lionel Richie

1984    Irene Cara – Michael Jackson

1985    Tina Turner – Phil Collins

1986    Whitney Houston – Phil Collins

1987    Barbra Streisand – Stevie Winwood

1988    Whitney Houston - Sting

1989    Tracy Chapman – Bobby McFerrin

1990    Bonnie Raitt – Michael Bolton

1991    Mariah Carey – Roy Orbison

1992    Bonnie Raitt – Michael Bolton

1993    K.d. Lang – Eric Clapton

1994    Whitney Houston - Sting

1995    Sheryl Crow – Elton John

1996    Annie Lennox - Seal

1997    Toni Braxton – Eric Clapton

1998    Sarah McLachlan – Elton John

1999    Celine Dion – Eric Clapton

2000    Sarah McLachlan - Sting

2001    Macy Gray - Sting

2002    Nelly Furtado – James Taylor

2003    Norah Jones – John Mayer

2004    Christina Aguilera – Justin Timberlake

2005    Norah Jones – John Mayer

2006    Kelly Clarkson – Stevie Wonder

2007    Christina Aguilera – John Mayer

2008    Amy Winehouse – Justin Timberlake

2009    Adele – John Mayer

2010    Beyonce – Jason Mraz

2011    Lady Gaga – Bruno Mars


Source: Wikipedia

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