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Website Woes

Website tips to help your firm stand out

Website design word cloudYour firm’s website is all set up and ready to go. You’ve got your logo front and center. Your attorney profiles have pictures and a few facts. There’s a “contact us” tab and you even have a few testimonials; that’s all you need right?

Well, if you’re looking to have an average site, then I guess you’ve got the basics covered. However, if you want to stand out and get the most out of your site—there’s work to do.

Today’s client will usually grab their laptop or smartphone to check out your firm before calling your office. This means your website will be their first impression of you and your firm. Take a moment and go to your firm’s website, if you were a potential client would you be impressed by what you see? And just as important, how does it look on a mobile device? Many potential clients will see your website first on their smartphone.

If your site doesn’t wow you, take a look at these tips to help improve your website:

  • Clean NOT cluttered. When it comes to choosing a layout for your firm’s website, the options can be overwhelming. Everything looks awesome-- from that eye-catching color scheme to the fancy double drop down menu and scrolling feed—it’s easy to get caught up. However, once all the features are in place, sometimes they just don’t work. Remember, you want people to come to your site and be able to find exactly what they need, not be distracted by blinking banners and floating texts. When looking for a design, go for clean and modern.
  • Be Content Conscious. Keep in mind that someone looking for an attorney is interested in collecting information quickly. Be sure that you clearly state your firm name, practice areas and information about your experience on your homepage. Avoid legalese, while your attorney pals will know exactly what you’re saying, a potential client may be turned off.
  • Provide Resources.Be sure to establish yourself as a credible and valuable source to your site visitors.
    • Provide article links that are relevant to your area of practice
    • Start a blog in which you are able to provide valuable insight on a variety of topics. If you are in a firm with several attorneys have each one write posts in their field
    • Depending on your area of practice, you can also include hotline, resource center and assistance information.

The fact that you are willing to share resources and be a resource will show that you genuinely care about your clients.

  • Photos. We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” In websites, it’s true. You want to make sure all your attorneys have photographs and brief bios on your site. You should encourage them create LinkedIn profiles and include in their site profiles. You can also include photos of your attorneys doing things in the community and at professional events. Videos are becoming increasingly popular on firm websites.
  • Make it mobile friendly. Many people rely on their tablets and smartphones instead of actually sitting in front of the computer. Be sure that your website design is mobile-friendly. Keep this in mind when selecting a design for your website.
  • Keep it current. It’s extremely important to keep your website up to date. Make sure your website reflects the most current information for your firm especially contact information and staff info.

Are you ready to whip your website into shape?

 The National Law Review shared some great tips for improving law firm websites here as well.

For additional tips on how to improve your website check out “Internet Branding for Lawyers, “available in our lending library.



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