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Trust Funds and Cyber Law on Lawyers Mutual 2016 Seminar Agenda

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Did you know there’s a new State Bar CLE requirement for every lawyer who maintains a trust account?

Are you aware that computer hackers are targeting law firms, lured in part by the prospect of millions of dollars in trust account funds?

Learn more about these and other timely topics at a Lawyers Mutual 2016 CLE seminar.

The three-hour “Risk Management Tips for Your Firm” seminars begin in October and continue through February 2017. Live programs will be held throughout the state from Asheville to Wrightsville Beach.

NC Trust Accounting Rules

In one segment, a panel of Lawyers Mutual claims attorneys will join Tom Boyle of Trust Books to tell you what you need to know about trust accounting.

They will go over the new CLE requirement. They will show you how to stay on the safe side of the rules. They will walk you through a sample quarterly reconciliation under Rule 1.15-3(d)(1) – something that trips up many lawyers in random audits.

They will cover these topics:

  • Overview of trust accounts
  • Breaking down the key concepts
  • Deposits - funds received
  • Payments - funds paid
  • Recordkeeping
  • New trust requirements
  • Trust reconciliations  

Cyber Safeguards and Procedures

In another portion, the focus shifts to managing cyber risks. As the recent massive Panama Papers law firm data breach so frighteningly demonstrated, cyber security can no longer be delegated to the IT staff. Every lawyer needs to understand the risks and vulnerabilities.

This presentation will give you practical guidance to prevent, prepare for, and respond to cyber incidents. Learn how to reduce your law firm’s financial, legal and reputational exposure through topics including:

  • Best practices for protecting data and confidential information
  • Internal threats
  • Mobile devices
  • Encryption

Getting By With A Little Help from Our Friends    

We know the sad statistics: lawyers struggle with depression, anxiety and alcoholism at rates that far exceed those of other professions.

What if you see a colleague in trouble? What should you do about it? This presentation will give you strategies to help you:

  • Identify colleagues at risk
  • Create a culture of safety that reduces barriers to asking for help by those who need it
  • Intervene when a colleague needs assistance

2016 Lawyers Mutual CLE Schedule

Following are dates and locations for Lawyers Mutual’s live, three-hour programs:

  • Thursday, October 20 - Asheville
  • Friday, October 21 – Greensboro
  • Thursday, November 17 – Clemmons
  • Friday, November 18 – Concord
  • Friday, January 13, 2017 – Cary AM Session
  • Friday, January, 13, 2017 – Cary PM Session
  • Thursday, January, 26, 2017 – New Bern
  • Friday, January, 27, 2017 – Greenville
  • Friday, February 10, 2017 – Wrightsville Beach

To learn more about the seminars or register for any program, click here.


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