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Top Tips from ABA TECHSHOW 2019

If you missed the ABA TECHSHOW 2019 and its always-popular 60 Tips in 60 Minutes presentation, you’re in luck.

A greatest-hits compilation has been posted on the NC Bar Association’s blog.

“Some of the tips can be whimsical or esoteric,” writes Catherine Sanders Reach, director of the NCBA’s Center for Practice Management. “[B]ut among the light-hearted nuggets are also some great, actionable bits of information lawyers can put into practice now.”

Reach was one of the “60 in 60” presenters at this year’s TECHSHOW in Chicago. Among the gems she cites in her post: this free, full-text online search tool, which provides access to hundreds of law reviews, journals and legal publications. And this nifty Office 365 Secure Score, which gives O365 users a cyber-safety ranking based on their internal security settings.

And even better news: you can see all 60 tips right here.

10 Hip Law Tech Tips

  1. Go directly to voicemail. The WhatCall app lets you leave someone a voicemail without speaking to them.
  1. Protect your passwords. Password Checkup is a Chrome extension that provides four-step protection of your online passwords. “Whenever you sign in to a site, Password Checkup will trigger a warning if the username and password you use is one of over 4 billion credentials that Google knows to be unsafe,” according to Google. “Password Checkup was designed jointly with cryptography experts at Stanford University to ensure that Google never learns your username or password, and that any breach data stays safe from wider exposure.”
  1. Bone conduction headphones. These headsets don’t cover the ears but conduct sound through the vibration of the bones of your face (jaw bones and cheek bones). Users can hear ambient sound. Good for people with hearing loss. Here are 10 top brands.
  1. Track your mileage automatically. MileIQ is an Office 365 app that logs your drives, classifies them as personal or business, and generates accurate reports.
  1. Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. “Sometimes it is hard to read menus, pill bottles or other documents with small font, especially in low light,” writes Reach. “Apple sympathizes and has a tool called Magnifier that you can add to your iPhone or iPad. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle Magnifier to on. The magnifier will let you zoom in on text with your camera, increase the lighting and even take a snapshot.”
  1. Delete your old tweets. Delete Tweet protects your privacy by automatically deleting posts older than a specified age from your Twitter feed. You can delete all your tweets all at once (up to 3,200 tweets).
  1. Instant audience polls for your presentation. With Poll Everywhere, you simply ask the audience a question, and they respond online or by SMS text message. The results are displayed instantly on your PowerPoint screen.
  1. Find out which open tabs are slowing you down. “[U]se the built-in Google Chrome Task Manager to find out which tabs are eating your RAM,” writes Reach. “Open Settings > More Tools > Task Manager and then figure out what is causing a slow down.”
  1. Free access to millions of books. The Libby app offers more than 2 million digital books, audiobooks, videos and magazines from 30,000 public libraries across the globe. All you need is a library card. Available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, some Chromebooks, and in your browser at com.
  1. Portable video conferencing camera. Meeting Owl has a 360 degree camera that provides a panoramic display of the room and works with most online conferencing platforms. The coolest part: the owl’s eyes light up when the camera is on.


So what tech toys … er, tools … would you add to the list?




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