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Top 5 Office Pet Peeves

Lawyers Mutual InsuranceWhat’s your law office pet peeve?

Is it the partner who pads around the place shoeless? The colleague who reeks of Tim McGraw cologne? Or maybe it’s the cubicle mate whose music playlist begins with Justin Bieber and ends with the original cast recording of Cats?

Every law firm has different personalities – and some of them leave food in the refrigerator until it turns a color not found in nature and starts growing hair.

Fitness magazine and Yahoo! Shine conducted a poll of workers at all types of office – not just law firms – and found that the overwhelming majority have pet peeves.

Such as working within earshot of a chatty colleague who thinks everyone finds his telephone conversations as uproarious and fascinating as he does.

Stress and frustration are part of the law office scene. Having to rub elbows daily with an especially annoying co-worker – like one who insists on recounting every detail of last night’s episode of Storage Wars – can turn that scene into The Scream.

Following are the Top 5 Office Pet Peeves, according to Fitness/Yahoo:

  • Poor hygiene or body odor;
  • Stealing credit for someone else’s idea;
  • Conducting loud, personal telephone conversations;
  • Swiping food from the office refrigerator;
  • Eating smelly food.

The Albany Times-Union conducted a similar survey. Among the grating behaviors cited by readers: clipping nails in public; eating constantly at your desk; gossiping; hitting “reply all” to emails not intended for public broadcast.

Got a pet peeve at your job?

Maybe it’s a chronic Parking Space Thief. Or an especially smarmy schmoozer.

Send us a comment telling us about it. And don’t worry – we won’t name names.

Meanwhile, I hope you don’t mind if I finish clipping my nails.

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