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Top 10 LinkedIn Pages of 2019

The best LinkedIn pages all share a few things in common.

For starters, they don’t go for a hard sell. Their first priority is to educate, entertain and engage their visitors instead of trying to sell them something.

Another similarity: they use video and sound clips to spice up their sites.

Those are some of the conclusions that can be drawn from reviewing the Top 10 LinkedIn Pages of 2019.

“Some familiar organizations, some newcomers, and a wide range of different industries and specializations are represented in our diverse mix of winners for Best of Pages 2019,” writes Alex Rynne on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog. “Organizations are doing creative and innovative things to distinguish their brands.”

More than 12,000 submissions from 111 countries were considered in the Top 10 compilation.

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The Top 10 LinkedIn Pages of 2019

Here is the list, with comments from Alex Rynne:

1.   Teleperformance. Customer management outsourcing company, Paris, France. Why they won: Their page “makes exemplary use of native video, frequently sharing quick-hit content that is short, snackable, and easily digested…. They humanize their brand by featuring company leaders in the video content and establish credible thought leadership through the use of third-party stats.”

2.   Hays. Staffing and recruiting, London, England. Why they won: Lots of high-quality, PDF-based content that is uploaded directly to their feed. “For example, check out the company’s branded digital magazine, Hays Journal, which you can page through right on LinkedIn. Hays also showcases original research, features enticing snippets to promote larger content offerings, and strikes a deeper chord by highlighting initiatives such as #WorldMentalHealthDay.”

3.   Deloitte. Management consulting, New York. Why they won: Their page features a robust and informative Life Lab, a taste of corporate culture through videos of actual employees, and registration forms so visitors can easily sign up for company events.

4.      Cvent. Computer software, Virginia. Why they won: Regular posts on event planning and event technology, plus the popular #MondayMotivation series.

5.      Hotmart. Content distribution platform for digital products, Brazil. Why they won: They celebrate company wins in a fun way with emojis. They consistently put human faces forward by acknowledging their team members’ birthdays and anniversaries.

6.      Jabil. Electrical and electronic manufacturing, Florida. Why they won: They showcase diversity and engagement in the workforce by using their employees’ faces, voices and community work, in addition to unique quote cards.

7.      Cognixia. Professional training and coaching, New Jersey. Why they won: Their videos and blog content tackle key industry issues in a way that’s “crisply and uniformly branded.”

8.      Aurecon. Engineering and design, Australia. Why they won: They use LinkedIn to promote their popular podcast.

9.      Philips. Hospital and health care, Holland. Why they won: “They’re masters of video. We loved their special on LinkedIn Live, and we also dig the Philips Translates series, which covers topics like why we sleep and how jet lag affects the brain. One post asking their audience about sleep habits received 66 comments, showing how a simple question can stir up major engagement.”

10.  Jacobs. Civil engineering, Texas. Why they won: “Jacobs takes advantage of the post-pinning capability to keep their most resonant content visible at the top of their page. A video conveying the brand mission has driven more than 42,000 views and 1,500 reactions. Like many, they use LinkedIn as a vehicle for attracting talent, with their serial ‘Hot Jobs of the Week’ posts drawing attention to various roles such as engineers/PMs, environmental consultants, and specialized manufacturing professionals.”



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