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Tis the season: 6 Great Gift Ideas for Lawyers

6 Great Gift Ideas for LawyersWhat are you getting the lawyer in your life this holiday season? Sure it’s easy to go with a new coffee mug or gift card, but we’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas that no lawyer can object.

  1. You know what they say, “an apple a year…” well maybe that was a bit of a stretch, but Apple’s iPad Air and new iPad Mini with retina are topping many gift “hot lists” this season. The new designs are lighter and thinner. An iPad is a great gift for the tech savvy attorney. There are so many awesome apps available that can assist attorneys on the go. They start at $499.
  2. Would you pay $35 for a USB flash-drive stick? You probably would if it allowed you to view anything from your mobile device on your HDTV. You can enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and even pull up your chrome browser on your TV with Chromecast.  Chromecast is a great affordable gift.
  3. Everyone loves a good board game. offers some great board games that any litigator would love. Lawsuit Board Game, Stump Your Lawyer and Order in the Court are a few games offered on the site.
  4. If you’re looking to spread a little extra holiday cheer this year, personalized gifts are always a hit. Things Remembered offers a wide range of gifts that can be customized. You’ll find pen sets, portfolios and even cuff links.
  5. Lawyers were ranked top on a blog list of “six professionals that tend to be watch wearers”. You could get a traditional watch, or you could pick up a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. The Galaxy Gear is compatible with Galaxy smartphones. This watch can not only make and receive calls, but it has a voice control function as well.
  6. Every lawyer needs a briefcase.  Whether you’re looking for something feminine or masculine; there’s guaranteed to be a briefcase that’s just right for the lawyer in your life. has a great selection at affordable prices.

We hope this list helps you as you finish up (or in some cases—start) your Christmas shopping. Good luck and happy holidays!

Monisha Yowell is the Marketing Coordinator for Lawyers Mutual. Monisha connects Lawyers Mutual with our insureds and the legal community through the use of social media. You can reach Monisha at 800.662.8843 or

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Monisha Parker previously served as the the Marketing Coordinator for Lawyers Mutual. Monisha connected Lawyers Mutual with our insureds and the legal community through the use of social media.

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