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The New Foonberg?

solo by choiceRaise your hand if you have a copy of Jay Foonberg’s “How To Start and Build a Law Practice” on your bookshelf.   

Both my hands are up. I have two copies.

Few if any publications this side of Black’s Law Dictionary have been more helpful to lawyers entering private practice. “How To Start and Build a Law Practice” is practical, easy to read and chock-full of good advice. It even tells you what photographs to place on your desk and how to position them (pictures of your family, facing you).

But there’s a new guru in town, and she’s giving the venerable Mr. Foonberg a run for his money.

Her name is Carolyn Elefant and she practices solo in Washington D.C. She wrote the book “Solo by Choice,” which is a perfect companion to Foonberg’s classic. And her blog at has attracted a loyal following because of its timely tips and ardent advocacy for legal Lone Rangers.

A recent post outlined the many benefits of opening an office in the same building as a start-up company. Another showed how the pricing of some CLE “package deals” is unfair to solos.

Solos, unite!

Check out Elefant’s YouTube video, “What You Don’t Know About Solo Practice Can Hurt You.”

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