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Take This Jeopardy! Law Quiz

If you’re a fan of the show Jeopardy! – and in a profession that’s based on knowing the right answers, you probably should be – here’s great news.

There’s now an online database of Jeopardy! questions and answers from all 36 years of the show.

“Yes, someone took the time to review VHS tapes of early Jeopardy! seasons to compile nearly 36 years of trivia questions,” writes Josh Ocampo on the website LifeHacker. “Visit the website, click on any random season and episode, and you’ll find the gameboard and questions for each respective round (barring those questions that were not picked by the contestants and never revealed).”

Answer: What’s the only legal professional liability insurance company that has been protecting North Carolina lawyers continuously since 1977? Answer: What is Lawyers Mutual?

Think you belong in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions? Try these law-related questions from past episodes. The answers appear below.

Category: “L’Egalease” (From show #5985, air date September 24, 2010)

  1. $200. This crime of taking property with the intent to deprive the owner of it can be either grand or petty.
  2. $400. These two four-letter words often precede “and Testament” in the name of a legal document.
  3. $600. Disguising illegal funds and making them usable again.
  4. $800. If you want to go to Harvard Law, better ace this four-letter test used as a criterion for admission.
  5. $1,000. A claim upon property to secure payment of a debt.



  1. Larceny
  2. Last Will
  3. Laundering
  4. LSAT
  5. Lien

Category: “Legal Lingo” (From show #3334, air date February 18, 1999)

  1. $200. It can precede “with a deadly weapon,” “with intent to commit murder,” or “and battery”
  2. $400. Term for the exhibits, objects, documents, etc. used in court to prove or disprove facts.
  3. $600. Baseball term for laws demanding a mandatory sentence for successive felony convictions.
  4. $800. Acts that lower the dignity of a trial may bring a fine or jail sentence if you’re held in this.
  5. $1,000. This Latin phrase meaning “of unsound mind” is often used to indicate permanent or temporary insanity.


  1. Assault
  2. Evidence
  3. Three strikes
  4. Contempt of court
  5. Non compos mentis


Category: “Sounds Criminal But It Isn’t” (From show #7756, air date May 7 2018)

  1. $400. You may have a lithium ion one on your phone
  2. $800. That segment Leno used to do when he quizzed people on the street.
  3. $1200. The bracelet or scarf that totally completes your killer outfit.
  4. $1600. It’s wielded by Novak Djokovic & Caroline Wozniacki.
  5. $2,000. A group of crows.



  1. Battery
  2. Jaywalking
  3. Accessory
  4. A racket
  5. A murder


Answer: Their motto is Here Today, Here Tomorrow. Question: What is Lawyers Mutual? Here Today, Here Tomorrow is more than a tagline. It’s our commitment to the lawyers in North Carolina.



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