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Superapps May Soon Be Coming to Your Firm

Attention, tech geeks: Superapps are coming to a law firm near you.

What’s a Superapp? It’s a merger of the best features of multiple mobile apps – messaging, invoicing, payments, calendaring – into one simple interface.

“A superapp is like a Swiss army knife — with a range of component tools (miniapps) that the user can use and remove as needed,” according to the tech research firm Gartner. “Superapps are trending because users, especially the younger generation born in the age of smartphones, demand mobile-first experiences that are powerful and easy to use.”

Gartner predicts that within four years half the world’s population will be using Superapps and that the concept will expand to include desktop functions like workflow, collaboration and group messaging.

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Four Tech Trends to Watch in 2023 

  1. Cloud technology. Although most firms have already adopted cloud technology either exclusively or in hybrid form, usage will accelerate because of economic pressures, supply chain issues and consumer demand.
  2. Zero-trust cybersecurity. A zero trust mindset to cybersecurity is based on the idea of never trusting, always verifying. “Technology that enables a zero-trust approach includes multifactor authentication (or at least two-factor authentication), SAML and SSO, and other advanced identity and access management tools,” according to this US Chamber of Commerce post.
  3. Transparency. Clients want assurance that your law tech tools are effective, efficient and safe.
  4. Sustainability. “Forbes predicts that sustainability will become a key consideration in new technology investments,” according to the US Chamber of Commerce. “Where historically IT leaders focused exclusively on price and utility, businesses will be encouraged to consider the environmental costs of investing in a new tool. Consider whether the products and services that your company uses are energy-efficient, if they're sourced from environmentally friendly partners, and how they can be recycled responsibly at the end of their lifespan.”

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