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Marketing Minute with Bob Friedman | NC Triangle Attorney at Law Magazine

bob friedmanIf you have been to any Wake County Bar event in the past few years, you've seen Bob Friedman in action. Bob Friedman is the Executive Publisher of NC Triangle Attorney at Law Magazine. He has also shared his content marketing expertise with attendees of the DIY Marketing Seminar hosted by the local Legal Marketing Association.

Here's a 60 second interview with Bob. Hang on and take notes!

LM: What has been your biggest marketing success?

BF: A firm that represents health care providers created a blog that was supportive of the industry. It went from a local blog to a national blog. The attorney's business went from $0 to    $1,000,000 in three years.

LM: What advice do you have for attorneys who are considering blogging as part of their marketing efforts?

BF: Do it on a regular basis and remember who your audience is whether it be other lawyers, potential business clients, general public, etc.

LM: If you could tell attorneys one thing about the importance of legal marketing what would it be?

BF: You gotta do it because your competition is.

LM: Fill in the blank. “The most important thing to remember in legal marketing is _____________. Explain.

BF: “Tell potential clients the compelling difference between you and your competition.”

LM: What would you say are the top 3 things for lawyers to keep in mind when developing a marketing plan?

BF: a) Allocate 3-5% of your revenues for marketing

b) Plan ahead. Don’t wait for your desk to be empty

c) You ain't sending out pizza coupons. The response takes a long time; you have to keep marketing.

LM: In looking at the current industry trends and evolving technology, what is your suggestion to firms as to the best use of their marketing dollars?

BF: Content marketing. The use of blogs, Linked-in, seminars and being featured in publications that reach your target audience.

LM: What resources would you recommend for attorneys who may have ethical concerns when it comes to marketing?

BF: Call the State Bar or an attorney who specializes in ethics.

LM: Is there anything you would like to add that I haven’t already asked?

BF: Join our local Legal Marketing Association. Their members tend to be way ahead of the curve in knowing the latest and greatest forms of legal marketing and they are willing to share their expertise.

 Bob Friedman is the Executive Publisher of NC Triangle Attorney at Law Magazine. Bob helps lawyers in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area expand their practices by developing referrals from other attorneys and the general public. He has experience as a network TV correspondent for ABC, CBS, CNN and PBS. Bob brings his journalism expertise to bear in making sure every feature story and column written by attorneys is readable, educational and enjoyable. Contact Bob at

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