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LinkedIn Launches “Open for Business” Feature

LinkedIn has launched two new tools to turbo-charge your online marketing efforts.

The first is an “open for business” feature that lets you add practice areas, skills, and geographical locations directly to your LinkedIn profile. The information will be highlighted in a box that will appear in search results.

Marketing experts says this is “potentially a very big deal” that could separate you from the pack.

“Members looking for help will be able to filter their general LinkedIn searches for service providers,” says LinkedIn. “When you add services to your profile, you’ll show up in these search results.”

The second tool is a Call to Action button that lets visitors contact you, sign up for your newsletter, go to your website, or reach out in other ways.

Each quarter, LinkedIn rolls out a new enhancement to its platform. Keep up with the latest developments here.

Open for Business

LinkedIn has more than 630 million users worldwide, including 10 million small businesses in the US alone. In an ocean that vast, it can be difficult for a law firm to stand out.

That’s where the “open for business” feature – which can be added directly to your profile – comes in handy. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your profile page (from your desktop or mobile app).
  • Find the box under your profile photo/headline that explains how to showcase the services you provide.
  • Click “Add Services,” and fill out the form to provide details about your services. Be as detailed as possible so visitors will have a good sense of what you do.
  • Click “Continue” and this will automatically be added to your profile.
  • When you’re done, your profile should look something like this.

Initially, this feature was available only to US Premium Business subscribers, but in Fall 2019 it will be offered to all US-based users.

LinkedIn Call-to-Action

The new Call-to-Action button has five different options:

  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Register
  • Learn more
  • Visit website

“The button will aid you in tracking your visitors,” says Digital Information World. “The analytics can be seen at the left side of your page’s interface or above the Visitor’s Analytics tab.”

7 Other LinkedIn Tips

  1. Complete your profile. Law firms that have comprehensive, current information – from their Overview to their Logo – get 30 percent more weekly views.
  2. Share content that matters. Firms that post at least weekly have twice as much engagement.
  3. Include an image, link or video. Posts that contain images get more comments. Custom collages (3-4 images in one post) perform especially well.
  4. Create a Showcase Page. This is a great way to highlight specific aspects of your firm.
  5. Edit on the go. No need to wait until you’re back at the office. Edit a post or add to your page using your mobile device.
  6. Community hashtags. These let you connect your page to related hashtags.
  7. Add color. Pages with a consistent design and color scheme perform better than pages with no uniform “look.”


Are you on LinkedIn? What works or doesn’t work for you?


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