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Lending Library: Trial Prep for Paralegals

Trial prep for paralegalsWhether you have worked as a paralegal for years or just starting out in the industry, this book is a great resource. Behind every great trial lawyer is a team of great staff which includes other attorneys, legal assistants and of course paralegals.

This handbook provides valuable tips about the litigation paralegal’s many functions: gathering information, interviewing, case file organization, correspondence and more.

Trial lawyers rely on their legal staff so it’s imperative that they fully understand the litigation process. Some of this book’s key features include:

  • Organizational tips
  • Trial prep checklists
  • Tips for interviewing and investigation
  • Case management strategies
  • Tips for mastering discovery, including e-discovery

The Lawyers Mutual Lending Library is a free service provided to all insureds and their support staff. We offer a wide range of titles from subject matters including: marketing, networking, starting a law practice and social media. Please visit Lawyers Mutual Lending Library on our website to browse our selection.

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