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Lawyers Mutual Ranks the Top Christmas Films

awardForty years ago, lawyers in North Carolina had a special reason to celebrate at Christmas.

After suffering through a protracted crisis where malpractice insurance was difficult or impossible to obtain, they happily discovered a gift of liability protection under their tree.

It came from a brand-new company called Lawyers Mutual, the first lawyer-owned and operated professional liability carrier in the country.

In the decades since its creation in 1977, Lawyers Mutual has continued to ring in the New Year with its insureds across the state.

Meanwhile, in December of 1977, people around the country were gathering around their television sets for the ABC movie special “It Happened One Christmas,” starring Marlo Thomas and Orson Welles. It was a gender-reversal remake of the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and it was one of the highest-rated shows of the holiday season.

40 Top Christmas Movies

Looking for some seasonal cinema? In honor of Lawyers Mutual’s 40th birthday, here are 40 top Christmas movies of all-time, as rated by Rotten Tomatoes and other review sites. Included are a few surprising picks that aren’t traditional Christmas films but have a yuletide connection:

  1. It’s A Wonderful Life
  2. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
  3. Holiday Inn
  4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  5. The Polar Express
  6. Scrooged
  7. Elf
  8. A Christmas Carol
  9. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  10. Love Actually
  11. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 animated)
  12. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  13. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  14. A Christmas Story
  15. The Apartment
  16. Babes in Toyland
  17. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  18. Gremlins
  19. Home Alone
  20. Trading Places
  21. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  22. Serendipity
  23. Batman Returns
  24. Frosty the Snowman
  25. Christmas in Connecticut
  26. A Midnight Clear
  27. 3 Godfathers
  28. Meet Me in St. Louis
  29. Lethal Weapon
  30. The Santa Clause
  31. Tangerine
  32. The Shop Around the Corner
  33. The Bishop’s Wife
  34. In Bruges
  35. Bad Santa
  36. Joyeux Noel
  37. Meet John Doe
  38. Ernest Saves Christmas
  39. Arthur Christmas
  40. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

So what movies would you add – or subtract – from the list?



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Jay Reeves practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina. He was Legal Editor at Lawyers Weekly and Risk Manager at Lawyers Mutual. He is the author of The Most Powerful Attorney in the World, a collection of short stories from a law life well-lived, which as the seasons pass becomes less about law and liability and more about loss, love, longing, laughter and life's lasting luminescence.

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