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Keep Your Data Safe This Summer

The official start of summer is quickly approaching. While you're preparing for weekend getaways and island vacations, don't forget to make sure your firm's data is secure. We have compiled a list of blog posts that offer valuable tips to help you better protect your firm. 

1)      Tightening Up your Cyber Security

2)      7 Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation

3)      Four Gambling Traps to Avoid With Clients

4)      Risk Management in the Wireless Age

5)      Sending a letter is easier than defending a Malpractice Claim

6)      Ten E-mail Security Tips

7)      5 Simple Steps to Cyber-Security

8)      Avoiding Cybercrime Dangers: A Backup Could Save Your Practice After a Cybercrime Incident

9)      Don’t Make It Worse! Disclosing Malpractice to Your Client

10)   Creating a Secure Password: So Easy a 12-Year-Old Can Do It

11)   Are Cyber-Thieves In Your Breakroom Fridge?

What steps are you taking to ensure the safety of your firm's data? 

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