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Here’s How to Land a Promotion

If you’re angling for a promotion at your law firm, start by asking for one.

Too many lawyers make the mistake of assuming their value to the firm is recognized and appreciated, and that it’s only a matter of time before it’s rewarded. But that’s not how it works – especially in a pandemic.

“It’s entirely possible that, amidst the rapid changes brought by the pandemic, you’ve already taken on increased responsibilities and added value to your company,” according to the US Chamber of Commerce. “Getting promoted may just be a question to raise with your supervisor. Be prepared to demonstrate how you’ve helped the company through this difficult period. The worst they can say is no.”

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Pointers for Landing a Promotion

Here are four tips for getting a promotion, courtesy of the US Chamber of Commerce website CO and writer Emily Heaslip (all quotes are from the article):

  1. Increase your visibility. The pivot to working remotely means less facetime in the office. “Remote work adds an interesting wrinkle in trying to justify why you deserve a promotion. In one case study, those working remotely were more engaged than their in-office counterparts; yet, they also experienced a 50 percent decline in promotions. The problem? Remote workers simply don’t get the same face time and attention that those in the office receive…. Visibility does not mean inundating your manager with trivial updates, but it does mean responding in a timely manner, volunteering critical updates, and establishing a regular cadence of updates throughout the day or week.”
  1. Take your skills to the next level. “Take the opportunity to do some professional development. Think about what skills will be most valuable in the coming one to three years.”
  1. Ask for a no-raise promotion. “You can ask for what’s known as a no-raise promotion, in which you take on more responsibility and a title change and delay the associated pay increase until the company is more financially stable. Alternately, you can ask for other benefits in lieu of a pay raise: training opportunities, flexible time off or permanent remote work, for instance. If, for you, success means reaching a new level in your career, a no-raise promotion may be the next best step.”
  1. Leverage an outside offer. “If you’re approached by a recruiter or have made it to a later stage in the hiring process, be transparent with your manager earlier, rather than later. Make sure the opportunity that you leverage is one that you would seriously consider taking: Should negotiations turn sour, you will have a great plan to fall back on.”


Source: US Chamber of Commerce CO


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