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Here are Some Tech Tools for Employee Reviews

Whether you love or loathe employee reviews, one thing is certain: they’re essential to the success of your law firm.

Regular and meaningful evaluations of team members are necessary to get a grasp of what they’re doing well and how they need to improve. They open channels of communication. And they ensure that you’re all working from the same playbook.

And here’s good news: some easy-to-use software tools can make performance reviews painless, productive and profitable.

“A thorough review will offer a better sense of what’s going on in your business, including overall strengths and weaknesses,” writes Jamie Johnson in this article for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce publication CO.

There’s a reason Lawyers Mutual has been getting rave reviews from North Carolina lawyers and firms for the past 43 years. We’re the only legal professional liability insurance company in the state that’s been protecting them continuously since 1977. Our motto, “Here Today, Here Tomorrow,” is more than a tagline. It’s our commitment to the lawyers in this state.

Here are seven tech tools for evaluating your workforce, courtesy of CO. The quotes are from Johnson:

  1. Zoho People. What it is: An HR software solution designed for businesses of all sizes. How it works: “It allows you to manage all of your employees from one centralized location. You can track employee attendance, create timesheets and analyze attrition reports all within the dashboard.” Know this: Zoho People also integrates with popular apps like GSuite, Zapier and Quickbooks. Try it free for 5 days.
  2. BambooHR. What it is: A cloud-based HR software for small and medium-sized companies. How it works: “The software will help you from the early stages of hiring to onboarding, managing and paying your employees. The software provides 360-degree feedback, appraisal tracking, peer appraisal and goal setting.” Know this: It’s pricier than some of the other options.
  3. Kissflow HR Cloud. What it is: All-in-one HR management option. How it works: “With this software, you can ensure that you’re hiring the right people, engaging your employees, and giving them the tools they need to succeed. You can see whether that person shows up on time, how productive they are and how well they work with others.” Know this: It comes with a free trial and two different payment plans.
  4. Synergita. What it is: A combination of traditional employee appraisals with ongoing feedback of performance. How it works: “The software allows you to create and track goals for each employee. The 360-degree feedback feature will allow you to receive unbiased feedback on each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.” Know this: there’s a workflow editor and form builder.
  5. Cornerstone Performance. What it is: Cloud-based software for businesses of all sizes. How it works: “Use the software for employee goal setting, development planning and employee reviews. One of the best things about the software is how easy it is to customize to your individual business goals.” Know this: a free demo is available.
  6. CakeHR. What it is: Management program that helps you hire, onboard and manage your employees. How it works: “Rather than focusing on traditional goal setting, CakeHR lets you track objectives and key results. You can set aspirational goals that will challenge your employees and track their progress along the way.” Know this: the software makes it easy to schedule one-on-one meetings with your employees.
  7. Engagedly. What it is: A good choice if you want to simplify employee performance reviews. How it works: “The software offers a number of helpful features, including 360-degree feedback, continuous performance reviews and goal setting.” Know this: Engagedly provides a social platform for collaboration, idea sharing and feedback.

Jay Reeves practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina. Today he helps lawyers and firms succeed through marketing, work-life balance and reclaiming passion for what they do. He is available for consultations, retreats and presentations ( Contact or 919-619-2441 to learn how Jay can help your practice.

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