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Foul Shots and Jump Balls

March Madness

As March Madness rages, it is time once again to raid recent headlines for some risk management rebounds:

A fool for a client? 
Pro hoopster and celebrity spouse Kris Humphries has filed documents to have himself appointed as his own lawyer in his divorce case against one or more of the Kardashians.

Spud Webb is a law professor … sort of. 
Tulane University Law School has formed a partnership with the National Basketball Retired Players Association to establish an “ask the expert” email hotline for its Sports Law Program. Students will be able to address questions on sports law and athlete representation to “Professors” like Spud Webb, Ice Gervin and Doctor J.

Law is done.
The University of Illinois has fired women’s basketball coach Jolette Law after five seasons.

Scottie sues … and scores! 
The post-retirement financial woes of former Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen have been well publicized. But Pippen is recouping at least some of his losses at the expense of former lawyers. A Cook County, Illinois jury awarded Pippen $2 million in a malpractice suit in which he claimed his attorneys failed to fully advise him before buying a Gulfstream jet in a deal that went quickly sour.

NBA strike settled.
Last fall the owners and players of the National Basketball Association resolved their long-running legal drama, and the games finally began. The settlement came after the players threatened to “carpet-bomb” the owners with litigation, which commissioner David Stern warned would precipitate a “nuclear winter.” And we call it civil litigation.

And here’s “Slam Dunk For Justice,” my vote for the best public service announcement of the year, courtesy of the Texas Court System.

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