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Essential Tools for a Virtual Law Practice

The pandemic changed the concept of a “virtual law office” forever, as lawyers from coast to coast moved their law practices into their spare bedrooms almost overnight.

And clients loved it. An eye-popping 79 percent say they would prefer to work with their attorney remotely rather than face-to-face, according to the 2021 Legal Trends Report.

“A number of benefits are associated with transforming your practice into a virtual one and using online platforms to deliver legal services,” writes attorney Annette Choti in this article for Attorney at Work. “You remove the need for a bricks-and-mortar office — and the costs. You can work from anywhere, with a more flexible schedule. You can tap into an expanded target market for new business since you are no longer limited by geographical location. You will have fewer no-show clients because clients do not need to leave their homes.”

Another benefit: you can plow the money you save in overhead back into your practice.

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Tools Needed for a Virtual Law Office

The following is from “Virtual Law Practice: Steps for Making the Transition” published at Attorney at Work:

Here are some of the essentials for in a Virtual Law Office:

  • Secure client portal
  • Website
  • Phone service or VOIP
  • Cloud storage or cloud-based document management system
  • Videoconferencing software
  • Call-answering service
  • Word processing and/or document automation system
  • Calendering software
  • PDF Software
  • Legal payments system
  • Password manager
  • Collaboration tools
  • E-signature software


An Important Risk Management Consideration

The N.C. State Bar issued a comprehensive ethics opinion on the subject of virtual law practices in 2005. Read and follow that opinion if you have a virtual practice or offer unbundled services. Contact the State Bar with questions.

SOURCES: NC State Bar 2005 Formal Ethics Opinion 10 and Virtual Law Firm | Steps for Making the Transformation (


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