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Don’t be afraid to EVOLVE: Join Us May 24th

Evolve Law There’s no denying that technology is king. However, technology is often met with great opposition in the legal field. Many lawyers are not open to the “disruptiveness” of new technology in the profession. What makes technology so scary and how do we bridge the gap? We evolve.

Join entrepreneurs, technology companies, academics, and lawyers who serve these interests at the “NC Legal Innovators Meetup Kick-Off Event”  on May 24th from 5:30-7:00pm at Citrix in Raleigh.  The Meetup platform will give us a chance to have open conversations while learning about amazing projects unfolding in North Carolina, as well as other relevant issues affecting legal innovation locally and nationally.

Exciting events in legal innovation are happening in North Carolina. The first Evolve Law event was held in North Carolina in September. Duke Law Tech Lab hosted their first Demo Day in April. These events have generated interest in the legal tech community.

Barriers in legal technology evolution

One of the biggest barriers in bridging the technology gap is communication. There is a huge disconnect between those who are “viewing law from the outside and thinking about ways to make it more efficient”, and the attorneys practicing bespoke practices says Kathryn Debord, the CIO of Bryan Cave.  Many attorneys have a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” mentality when it comes to implementing new technology in their practice. However, there are many new innovations in technology that can greatly improve the practice of law for both the practitioner and client.

Attorneys are often frustrated from being told how much technology can improve their practices by people who they feel don’t fully understand their profession.

The key lies in getting lawyers to understand how technology can augment their practices and understanding their specific needs. Right now there is no bridge between the lawyers and technologists.

Client focused solutions

While technologists and practitioners don’t always agree on the “how”, they can agree on the “why”—clients. As technology evolves the expectations and complexity of client issues follows. Clients are interested in fast, efficient service and solutions. Technology opens up a new world of options for client service and law practice management. Tell a lawyer you have a tech solution that will make them a faster attorney and you might be left standing, however, tell a lawyer you have a tech solution that will help them better serve their clients and you may get a few minutes of their time.

The practice of law is a profession that is results driven, time sensitive and client focused. Technologists have to be prepared to show attorneys results. If technologists and attorneys can come together and discuss the specific and unique needs of their clients and practices, the profession would be well on its way to embracing and implementing new technology.

Let’s Evolve

An organization dedicated to furthering these conversations is Evolve Law.  Evolve Law was founded by Mary Juetten of Traklight and Jules Miller formerly of Hire an Esquire. Juetten and Miller saw the need to connect legal tech companies, attorneys, in-house counsel, entrepreneurs, and law schools. The original goal of Evolve Law was to encourage greater collaboration among entrepreneurs to move the industry forward together. As the name suggests, Evolve Law continues to grow as its membership and events expand.

Evolve Law provides memberships for innovators, law firms and investors. This organization connects the dots and provides a safe place for innovators and practitioners to connect and find ways to collaborate.

The organization encourages collaboration without the pressure of sales pitches. Evolve Law facilitates open conversations between both parties in an effort to:

  • Emphasize the importance and benefits of implementing technology in the legal profession
  • Find ways to address concerns from both parties
  • Equip both technologists and attorneys with information and tools needed to ensure a successful future
  • Build relationships and break barriers

Join our Legal Innovators Meetup group for our Kick-off event to learn more about the evolution of legal technology nationally and in North Carolina and to connect with others in the legal and tech community through the MeetUp platform.


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