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Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

cybersecurityHow well do you keep your staff up to date on security issues?

Your employees are either a key part of your security plan or your greatest security flaw.

With the ever-creasing amount of cyberattacks, it’s more important than ever to make sure your staff knows when to avoid opening an attachment in an email from a suspicious sender or clicking a popup box just because it says an important update needs to be installed.

Education is an Ongoing Process

An annual staff meeting reviewing cyber issues isn’t enough to protect your firm.

Employees need to be informed immediately when new cyber issues arise and given procedures to follow to prevent a problem from occurring.

For example, an assistant who receives wire transfer information but isn’t receiving alerts regarding fraudulent activity is more likely to fall victim to a scam when not properly informed of the dangers and preventive measures put in place.

Let Your Staff Keep You Informed

Perhaps you have a hard time keeping up with all of the information out there regarding cyber dangers.

Assign a trusted employee to parse through the information and prioritize what you need to know now and what you can read later.

This can help keep your office safe by identifying effective, and often inexpensive, practices for you and your staff to implement.

Lawyers Mutual Can Help

Establishing new procedures can be difficult and time consuming. So can keeping up with all of the latest news regarding cybercrime.

Lawyers Mutual offers several resources to help you and your staff manage both:

  • Sign staff up for our electronic communications. Risk management alerts and newsletter articles provide news regarding the latest threats.
  • Attend CLEs. Lawyers Mutual provides free CLE for insured firms and their staff. Our upcoming CLE schedule is available on our website,
  • Browse our online resources. We have practice guides with sample forms to help you establish your own office procedures.

Give us a call. If you have questions, contact us

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