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Congratulation to New NCAJ President Andy Banzhoff

Lawyers Mutual congratulates Asheville attorney Andy Banzhoff, who was elected in June as the new President of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

A partner at Devereux & Banzhoff, PLLC, he will be the 49th president of the NCAJ.

“The members of this organization participate in legal proceedings in different venues, in different locales and before different tribunals, but we are all zealously advocating for the rights of our clients,” he said in his acceptance speech, according to the NCAJ website. “While we are unique amongst trial lawyer organizations nationally, the common thread that binds us is that we all fight on behalf of individuals against institutional power. It is this shared common bond that allows us to work together for the mutual benefit of our clients, our practices and ultimately the people of the state of North Carolina.” 

Banzhoff graduated from the University of Tampa and Wake Forest University School of Law. He is a bar-certified specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law, a former president of the Buncombe County Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association, and a current member of the CJA Panel Selection Committee for the Western District of North Carolina. 

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NCAJ Podcasts Are Available

The NCAJ has a podcast where its members discuss important issues impacting the profession and share their professional stories.

Here are some recent episodes:

  • Lessons from a Legal Legend: Don Beskind on Advocacy
  • Doing Good, Reforming Legislation, and the Art of Judicial Critique 
  • Champion of Justice: NCAJ Past President Doug Abrams' Journey,
  • Do It Afraid: Janet Ward Black on Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Guts and Grit: What NCAJ Taught Wade Byrd About Being a Lawyer

Listen to these and other NCAJ podcast episodes here.

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