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by Jay Reeves |

Chewy the Biker Doggie Loves Chapel Hill Lawyer

biker dogWhat does an adorable goggle-wearing dog on a motorcycle have to do with practicing law?

Quite a bit, actually, if you happen to be the lucky lawyer who managed to snag the doggie’s endorsement in this video.

Chewy is a border-collie mix from Harnett County who rides a Harley-Davidson in helmet and goggles. He has been riding almost 10 years and once went cross-country on a trip to honor Fallen Heroes. He has appeared on television and attracts admiring crowds wherever he goes.

Chewy even has his own website and Facebook page. In 2004, the pooch was rescued by his dad and chauffer Butch, a dedicated biker. Soon Chewy was hopping on the back of the Harley and heading off for adventure.

Chewy’s driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident and retained Gary R. Poole, a Chapel Hill personal injury lawyer who has been practicing for 30 years. Gary concentrates in motorcycle cases and has developed loyal ties with the biking community in North Carolina.

Chewy was so pleased with how Gary handled his owner’s case that he cut a video touting the lawyer’s services.

There’s no better marketing than a happy client who wants to tell the world how awesome you are. The same goes for the client’s biker doggie as well.


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